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Wilmington World Cafe Live to host Trashcan Sinatras

The Scottish band Trashcan Sinatras will bring melodious indie pop to World Cafe Live Wilmington next Friday, May 20. Their performance will feature their new album, “Wild Pendulum,” which debuts May 13.

Formed in 1986, Trashcan Sinatras intended on being a cover band, but 30 years and five albums later, they have successfully demonstrated their ability to write soul-satisfying, dulcet tunes of their own.

Members Frank Reader (vocals), John Douglas (guitar), Paul Livingston (lead guitar), Stephen Douglas (drums), Stevie Mulhearn (keyboards) and Frank DiVanna (bass) are now recognized for their soft vocals and inviting melodies.

Fan favorites like “Obscurity Knocks,” “Hayfever” and “Only Tongue Can Tell” showcase the striking versatility of the group. Though the band often utilizes clever wordplay, they still produce songs with real meaning. A perfect balance of wit and thoughtful reflection, each beautifully written song tells a story.

Reader’s intimate vocals thoroughly mesmerize the listener and have landed several singles as well as their 1990 album, “Cake, on the Billboard charts.

“Wild Pendulum,” their sixth album, is their first album in seven years. Recorded in Omaha, Nebraska, it will further demonstrate the band’s remarkable abilities.The album, produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes, will consist of 12 new songs.

Two singles were already released: “Ain’t That Something” and “Best Days On Earth.”The two songs, though vastly different, both showed that Trashcan Sinatras haven’t lost their touch in the past seven years. With upbeat guitar riffs and lively drumming, “Ain’t That Something” gave the album a cheerful introduction. The catchy chorus lingers even after the three-minute song concludes.

“Best Days On Earth” left a less energetic impression, but perhaps an even more powerful one. Relaxed and unadorned, it transports the mind to another place and makes for a perfect stress-free summer song.

These simple yet captivating songs are perfect samples of what the album will entail and have already set high expectations for the rest of the album.

Be sure to check out the album May 13 and see what the band has in store. They’ll be at World Cafe Live in Wilmington, Delaware, May 20 at 8 p.m. for only $20.