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These classics are being adapted for Broadway in 2024

Photo by Юрий Д.К. | Wikimedia Commons

Do you remember having to read “The Classics” in high school? Books that someone, somewhere decided were so good that the next generation should never forget about them. Some of the stories were great, and others had people questioning who exactly decided this was the book that should be passed down. Once the final paper in your English class was submitted, you probably never thought about these books again. But now, they are back and asking for attention in a new way: in the bright lights of Broadway.

           Broadway casts rotate every few months, but some shows stay on the stage for decades, while others retire a little faster. When one show leaves, there is room for a new show to move in, and Broadway has a big lineup coming in 2024.

           One of these new musicals you may recognize from English class is “The Outsiders.” “The Outsiders” is a novel by S.E. Hinton, later adapted into a movie, that follows the story of a group of teenage boys in the 1960s and their struggles socially, economically and personally. The book is very compelling and made many readers fall in love with the characters on the pages, which is why the movie adaptation was so successful. Even if you never read the book, you still may have heard the phrase “Stay gold, Ponyboy.” Now, the beloved book has music, lyrics and a date when it will hit the stage. “The Outsiders” will open on Broadway in the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on April 11. 

           Another classic-turned-musical debuting this year is “The Great Gatsby.” The novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald tells the story of East Egg and West Egg, two New York towns of wealth in the 1920s. The book explores the glamor, love affairs, drama and secrets that were present behind the gates of the seemingly perfect mansions. The novel has been adapted into films, musicals, video games, graphic novels and more. In 2021, the novel went into the public domain, and people wasted no time taking this classic and running. “The Great Gatsby: A New Musical will debut on Broadway in the Broadway Theatre on April 25.

           The final notable musical debuting soon is the adaptation of “The Notebook.” Though there is less of a chance you read this book in school, society still considers this book a classic and culturally relevant. The novel, written by Nicholas Sparks, follows two teens in North Carolina, Noah and Allie, and their summer love. The movie adaptation starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams captured the hearts of millions of readers and fans. Even twenty years after the movie debuted, the movie and the performance of the actors are still critically acclaimed. The musical will be debuting on Broadway in the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on March 14.

           The idea of Broadway may seem too fancy or far away from Philadelphia, but it is very manageable to go see a show. Drexel Campus Activities Board recently planned to lead a group up to New York to see the musical “Chicago.” There are group rates to help make tickets more affordable if you go with a club on campus. In addition, the Amtrak out of 30th Street Station has trains that can take you right to Manhattan, where Broadway is only a brisk walk away. Broadway also offers matinee shows that take place in the afternoon, so a train can be taken back that same day and a hotel would not be needed.

           If you love these “Classic” stories, the movie versions you may have seen, or just feel inclined to experience a new musical, 2024 on Broadway is for you. Gather your friends, book your seats and let the show begin.