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‘The Slow Rush’ is a luscious kaleidoscope of sound

Five years after the release of “Currents” — the album that launched Tame Impala to fame — the one-man musical project has finally returned to the limelight with his latest album “The Slow Rush.” Released Feb. 14, Kevin Parker brings a new dimension of sound with this 12-track album, slowing down the previously established genre of psychedelic pop, and intertwining a fresh European techno flare.

After taking a brief hiatus, Tame Impala resurfaced back in early 2019 by releasing two singles, “Patience” and “Borderline.” While  “Patience” did not make the album cut, “Borderline” received a few upgrades before earning its place on the final product. The track — whose revisions can barely be noticed by the average listener — can best be described as psychedelic funk.The grass-roots from his previous works are still evident throughout the piece, however, there is a new, unusual and slowed-down groove to this new track.

While these two singles give a glimpse into this new dimension and era of his music, they seemingly fail in comparison to the standout hit singles “Let It Happen” and “The Less I Know the Better” from his previous album. Those two singles were — in a word — exceptional, and it is understandably difficult to create tracks that would compare.

However, this does not mean the album itself fails in comparison. These two works are vastly different — they are on alternate sides of the psychedelic spectrum — and “The Slow Rush” certainly gives “Currents” a run for its money.

The album begins with the track “One More Year” in which a robotic, choral-sounding track sings the title, while the sound of an organ lingers in the background. As a strong beat pushes the track along, additional instrumental layers are added and Parker’s voice takes over for the verses.

While the previous singles gave the listener a small piece of this new sound, “One More Year” shows them exactly what the rest of the album has in store. This can be compared to track 10 and the second single off the album, “It Might Be Time.” A standout song that alludes to your inner psyche telling you to deal with your issues and get it together, this dreamy track could very well have found a place within his previous album.

Falling second-to-last on the tracklist, “Glimmer” is by far the most distinct and unusual track on the album. This song is driven by its intense bass and synthesizer, creating a funk beat that could very well be heard at some European club in the ’80s. I highly recommend listening to this track with headphones. The beat echoes back and forth between each ear, making for a truly immersive experience.

Additional tracks featured on the album are “Instant Destiny,” “Posthumous Forgiveness,” “Breathe Deeper,” “Tomorrow’s Dust,” “On Track,” “Lost In Yesterday,” “Is It True” and “One More Hour.”

One could picture this entire album as a kaleidoscope: an array of vibrant colors, each vastly different, slowly moving and overlapping, creating a vivid and cohesive work of art. “The Slow Rush” is a unique and advanced spawn of his previous works and was undoubtedly worth the wait.