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The Driver Era Spread Passion and Memories Through Philadelphia

Photo courtesy of Arianna Jolie

On Saturday, Aug. 6, The Driver Era performed at the Met Philadelphia. The band, consisting of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch, played the Broad Street venue and had everyone dancing the night away.  

The show started out with San Diego native indie pop group Almost Monday as the opening act. The group known for their songs “Broken People” and “Parking Lot View” got the audience ready for The Driver Era with dance moves inspired by Prince accompanied by California pop music. They set the tone with feel-good summer vibes, getting everyone excited for the night to come. 

Many are familiar the Lynch brothers through their former band R5 as well as Ross’s extensive career with the Disney Channel. The Driver Era paid tribute to Teen Beach Movie by playing the song “On My Own” from the hit soundtrack. The entire crowd sang along with Ross, proving to be long time devoted fans. It was great to finally see the duo perform in person and it brought back many memories from my childhood. Ross was smiling the entire time, just as excited to see his fans as they were to see him.

It’s always extremely obvious when an artist is passionate about their music. You could truly tell that the band loves what they do, and that’s what made the performance so captivating. Ross has always been known for his dancing, and he showed that off the whole night. Rocky was heavily focused on his guitar, completely lost in the music. I was in awe of how the brothers were able to keep up such an incredibly high energy performance from start to finish.  

The duo’s newest single “Malibu,” released on July 28th, perfectly encompasses the show’s summer vibe. It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life, and The Driver Era concert is the perfect cure for it. This feel good show allows you to just enjoy the moment and forget about everything else for a while. My personal favorite songs are “San Francisco,” “Heaven Angel,” “Preacher Man” and “Natural.” 

The Driver Era ended the night with their fan favorite song “A Kiss,” leaving the crowd wishing the show would last just a little bit longer. The band is now continuing their tour throughout the U.S. before their next stops in Japan, Australia and the U.K., just to name a few. Fans can look forward to their newest music release, “Summer Mixtape,” which will be released on Sept. 16th.