The best ways to spend your Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia | The Triangle

The best ways to spend your Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia

Photo by Lucas Tusinean | The Triangle

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s with your significant other, “Gal”entines with your girls, or “Pal”entines with your friends, the season of love is back in Philadelphia. As the City of Brotherly Love, it should come as no surprise that there is no shortage of festive activities this February in and around the city.          

When thinking of Valentine’s Day, themes of love and bright pink hearts are usually some of the first to mind. Though Philadelphia captures this love all year round with the LOVE Statue at LOVE Park, the holiday brings an additional festival to the area. On Feb. 14 starting at noon, LOVE Park will host the Make Love Market Extravaganza. This themed event will have vendors from around the city, music, holiday photo-ops, and even speed dating at 6 p.m. Though the Make Love Market ends at 8 p.m., the fun does not have to stop there. At Penn’s Landing, Winterfest will host a special event called the Sweetheart Skate. This event will go from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and skating is not the only event on the table. There are roses, music, couples’ crafts, keepsake photos, and a free hot chocolate per ticket purchased.           

Something else Philadelphia does well around the holidays is food. Whether you are looking for a fancy restaurant or a Valentine’s-themed treat, this city has you covered. For a nice dinner option, a Dinner Cruise on the Delaware River is offered by Philadelphia City Cruises. This date night features music, flowers, delicious food and a wonderfully unique setting. If a black-tie dinner is not what you are looking for, many places around the city hold festive but casual baking experiences. In King of Prussia at the Chef’s Place, there is a macaron baking class offered a few times during the Valentine’s season. This course has a fee but is all-inclusive with everything you need to make the night successful. The class is led by a professional chef and is sure to be a memorable and delicious way to celebrate.           

If you are a Swiftie or a tea-lover, the Mary Cassatt Tea Room at The Rittenhouse is holding a Galentine’s Tea. The event will run the weekend before Valentine’s Day and does require participants to pre-register. The tea blends will be inspired by Taylor Swift’s eras, and this will be a special way to spend the holiday of love with the friends and musicians you love the most. Another unique experience is being offered on Feb. 10 by the Fabric Workshop and Museum. This experience allows participants to make their own love-inspired pillowcases and learn about screen printing. If you love trying new and creative art forms, this event is for you – and it comes with a keepsake you can cherish forever.      

Maybe going out is not very appealing to you. A night in can be rejuvenating and exciting. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s from the comfort of your home. One essential ingredient to an at-home celebration is themed snacks. The website Insanely Good Recipes has a Valentine’s article with linked recipes to help you along your journey. Some of the highlights include heart-shaped pizza and heart-shaped cookies. Once your snacks are in order, it is essential to pick a fun activity to do. Being creative can always be fun, so pick up some painting supplies, coloring sheets, or craft kits that fit the theme. It can also be fun to write love letters, even platonic ones, to show the people in your life how much you care about them. Finish off the night with a nice movie. Rom-coms are always solid picks. Scroll through the seasonal section on Netflix, and you are sure to find a movie that fits your taste.           

Celebrating a holiday is festive and fun, and the beauty of Valentine’s Day is that you celebrate love with the people you love the most. Philadelphia is a great city to be in, as it has no shortage of activities for the season. There are many exciting and niche opportunities around the city that can help this be your best Valentine’s yet. Gather your significant other, besties or buddies and start planning a Valentine’s Day that you will absolutely love.