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‘The Bachelorette’ has returned with Hannah Brown

For those of you who are feeling blue with the end of “The Avengers” series and the last “Game of Thrones” episode next week, it is time for you to find a new obsession. I beseech you to check out the new season of ABC’s The Bachelorette.

The show returned to the network May 13. This year’s bachelorette is Hannah Brown, former Miss Alabama and contestant on the last season of “The Bachelor,” which featured Colton Underwood.

Brown was not one of the final-four contestants on Underwood’s season, so she is a rare breed of bachelorette. Usually, producers will only choose one of the finalists, if not the runner-up, because viewers only get to know the most prominent contestants well.

However, Brown’s run on Underwood’s season was unlike any other.

She’s a southern belle with a wild streak. She became notable on Underwood’s season for her roar and her unwillingness to relent.

As Underwood’s first one-on-one, her charisma and beauty made her a good choice, but she spent most of the date timid, anxious about what to say.

Luckily, Underwood was able to break her out of her shell, and he decided to keep her around for a while longer.

Fans got to see a huge transformation from Brown during Underwood’s season. She went from being afraid to make a single mistake to being a strong lioness not willing to take anyone’s nonsense.

The opening of the season premiere showed a recap of Brown’s personality as we know it. She was featured as the bachelorettes always are — walking aimlessly through grass fields, leaning up against walls with a seductive look. However, the editors chose to leave in her awkward side comments, as she kept asking if she was doing things right and wondering what she was supposed to do with her arms.

Brown’s season is going to be unfiltered because that is all she can be. She has lived a pageant-perfect life and is ready to be real and let loose. She knows that if she wants to find a partner who is honest and true, she has to be the same.

Two of her friends from Underwood’s season made an appearance during the premiere to make sure that none of the men were there for the wrong reasons. Surprise! Some of them were.

One of the men still had a girlfriend back home, and her friends informed her of this fact, so Brown went to talk to him.

Unfortunately, the whole ordeal dragged on for about an hour. Between the discussion with her friends, the confrontation and the emotional recovery after the fact, several men did not get the opportunity to speak with her.

Luke, the one who got the First Impression Rose, went to console her as she was recovering from the situation. She was overwhelmed because her biggest fear— that someone would not be real with her —had already come true. Unfortunately, Luke has been subsequently painted as a villain.

Brown also gave out a rose before her season aired the day she was announced as Bachelorette. She gave it to a man who had rapped to her, Cam, but once he got some actual airtime, it was clear that he was not there for the right reasons either.

It was unfortunate, but it seemed that Brown’s judgement was not that good off the bat.

She also made the same mistake Becca Kufrin made last season by sending the goofy Joe (Box Joe) home. “The Bachelorette” teaches many important life lessons — you have to hold on to your goofy Joes.

In fact, she sent home a couple of notable men, when usually the ones whose names you remember are guaranteed to stay.

I do not believe that Brown’s future husband was in the mix Monday night, but who knows, I have been wrong before.

Nevertheless, I am excited to tune in each week, for I know this will be one of the most unfiltered seasons yet, and that is the kind of content I am here for. I implore you to join me in this adventure, and I can assure you that you will not be let down.