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Texas native Max Frost to make stop at Boot and Saddle

Some artists are passionate about music, and then there’s Max Frost. A Texas native, Frost began his career as a musician behind closed doors without telling a soul. He called it an experiment.

“Making music was something I would be doing whether people were paying attention or not,” Frost told The Triangle. “I fell into it,” he said. Frost, once immersed in the art, moved on to release a number of songs and is on his first headlining tour this spring. Frost is coming to Philadelphia’s own Boot and Saddle May 5. The artist will be performing with his opener, Rozes, a Philadelphia native known for her strong vocals in The Chainsmokers’ top 40 song “Roses.”

“[Putting on a live show] is a work of art that is fueled by fear and terror,” Frost said. “[It] is a stressful thing for me because up until the moment I have a breakthrough, I’m constantly worried about something not working,” Frost noted, describing his one man show as a musical spaceship, with half of the stage meant for looping and creating the sounds, while the other half is meant for performing.

“I’m making a style of music that I don’t think anyone else is necessarily making. There’s definitely no one doing what I’m doing with the live show. People do loop shows, but this one is definitely its own thing. This is something I don’t think anyone has done yet,” he explained.

Frost’s EPs — “Intoxicated” and “Low High Low,” are musical delights and have successfully introduced his distinct style to mainstream music. The mellow song loops a simple synthetic riff that begins to expand as the song develops — just as all of his songs seem to do. Frost’s music has stellar backbeats paired with meaningful lyrics that come across as genuine, playful and expressive. “‘Intoxicated’ encapsulates a crazy time in my life,” Frost said.

“There are songs off the EP that I don’t play anymore because I don’t identify with them. They aren’t failures, but they don’t make sense in the set. ‘Intoxicated’ is my source of relief as… [an] artist in the world,” he went on.

As if the way Frost describes his live show and passion for music aren’t enough, he recently released an unconventional 360-degree music video for his song “Withdrawal,” in which ‘multiple’ Frosts play all the instruments used simultaneously.

“[I want to focus on] experimentation with the way that I’m releasing music as much with the way that I’m making music,” he explained. The music video is an innovative take at Frost’s music production, creating an immersive video that takes a literal spin on a modern day music video. It is certainly something to check out.

What’s next for Max Frost?  “I don’t think albums make sense for the way people consume music anymore,” Frost confided. For now, Max Frost will play on his headline tour. He’ll stop in Philadelphia on May 5.