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Spring playlist: Get in bloom with these tunes

Photo by Suhani Dheer | The Triangle

It is starting to feel like springtime! RIP the snow and welcome to the mud and humid, misty days. Looking past the messiness of spring, though, the warmer weather will bring happiness and blooming plants, which is something to celebrate. Here is a playlist of tracks that will help you embrace the joy of spring through uplifting, sunny moods and instrumentals. These are the official songs that Punxsutawney Phil is listening to in his den, after not seeing his shadow earlier last month. 

“Cubic Zirconia” – Katy Kirby (2023)

Kirby’s 2024 album “Blue Raspberry” is wordy, progressive and very catchy at times. The lead single “Cubic Zirconia” is a masterclass in alternative pop songwriting both lyrically and melodically, and it radiates warmth and fun like sunshine.

“Fool” – Adrianne Lenker (2024)

The Big Thief frontwoman is gearing up for a spring release this year, with her new aptly titled solo album “Bright Future” due out on March 22. Now three singles in, “Fool” is the standout with a blippy guitar part that flaunts Lenker’s top-notch skill on the instrument. 

“Sunflower” – Vampire Weekend, Steve Lacy (2019)

Before Lacy was being sped up on TikTok, he was scatting with Vampire Weekend over quirky basslines. “Sunflower” is a bit goofy, but it lightens the mood during its brief runtime with an undeniable hook and pleasantly meaningless lyrics.

“I Feel Alive” – TOPS (2020)

The title track from TOPS’s opus album is a dose of confidence for walking down the city streets on a warm day. No time is wasted getting to the beaming chorus, which breathes anthemic life into the short track. Check out the rest of the album for more of the same energy. 

“Movin Backwards” – A Tribe Called Quest, Anderson .Paak (2016)

While Tribe’s final album is not a happy, uplifting listen in total, the vibe of this song is not as somber. Anderson .Paak sings “I don’t want to go backwards” on the chorus, offering a mantra for the jazzy, hopeful instrumental. The track also offers a creative and accessible look into different eras of hip-hop. 

“A Town with an Ocean View” – Joe Hisaishi (1989)

With a very odd shift, here is a soundtrack pick from the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989), a Studio Ghibli classic. “A Town” begins with a cute melody and progresses on to an orchestral ride through a seaside scene, presumably on a flying broom. The second half of the song fails to provide an equally strong hook as the intro, but it is still worth the experience!

“Honey” – Samia (2023)

This title track off Samia’s most recent album “Honey” is the perfect vibrant and hopeful song for the upcoming spring season. Samia’s smooth harmonies have a striking electronic-type feel. The lyrics are about genuine self-expression and knowing that everything will work out eventually because “It’s all honey.” 

“Moves” – Suki Waterhouse (2022)

Off the 2022 album “I Can’t Let Go,” this track is perfect for giving someone the confidence to pursue the person they have had their eye on throughout this long winter. “Moves” is upbeat, catchy and a great addition to any playlist. 

“Honey” – Troye Sivan (2023)

Keeping with the honey theme, this absolute banger off Sivan’s album “Something To Give Each Other” brings the high energy that is needed to get someone out of the winter blues. This song is definitely a great backing track for fantasizing about a new spring crush.  

“In Plain Sight” – Matilda Mann (2023)

This soft track is lovely for a walk in the park or a meadow with a partner. Mann sweetly sings of noticing someone who has been there the entire time in a romantic light. The instrumental feels like a gentle breeze transposed to music. 

“(not) a love song” – Liang Lawrence (2023)

Lawrence’s “(not) a love song” (which clearly is a love song) is an adorable track about wanting to be with someone. It radiates the feeling of the sun finally coming out on a cloudy day and is for sure a warm weather track. 

“Missing Out” – Maya Hawke (2024)

Hawke’s most recent single “Missing Out” off her upcoming album “Chaos Angel” specializes in being realistic. Hawke explains the feeling of “missing out” on various aspects and opportunities in life. While not the most positive song ever, every listener loves a song they can relate to. 

Listen to them for yourself while walking around campus in your light jackets and floral prints! Scan this code for the playlist on Spotify.