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Small World Gala features international performances

The International Student Union, in participation with The Good Idea Fund, sponsored the inaugural It’s a Small World Gala May 25. The black-tie gala was a celebration of international identities, and a good time was certainly had by all. In a unique twist in line with the international theme, attendees were encouraged to dress in traditional attire.

The night began with attendees being welcomed in the majestic Main Building. After showing their tickets, attendees were encouraged to place a pin on a world map to show their country of origin. There was overwhelming representation from South America, Europe, Asia and North America. The map was quite a spectacle and a lovely accent to the evening.

There was a photo backdrop with flags of many different countries where attendees could have their pictures taken. After some brief mingling and picture taking, attendees were ushered into the auditorium to watch a series of ethnic student and professional performances.

With the help of some funny emcees, Karthik Ravichander and Ashima Gandhi, the show was absolutely riveting. The first set of performers was the men of the Filipino Intercultural Society of Drexel University. Their performance was a traditional Filipino Dance that is performed with coconuts and displays a mock warfare between the Moors and Christians over the prized latik, or meat of the coconut. Next up was the Vietnamese Student Association, whose performance featured Vietnamese women in traditional dresses and hats. Their choreography was elegant and perfectly aligned.

The next set of performers was the Drexel Fanaa, who performed various Bollywood dances in a beautiful arrangement. Then the Drexel Blue Diamond Dragons performed a mesmerizing Step Dance that involved intricate moves through their hands and feet by using the bodies as instruments. The last two performances were a trio from Olive Dance Theater who breakdanced and a professional salsa dancer who presented an uplifting performance with polished movements.

After the series of performances, a few (bad) jokes told by the emcees, and some internationally themed audience participation games, it was time for dinner. In keeping with the international theme, the menu featured chicken breast with cilantro and lime and fresh mango salsa, a Greek-style salad, basmati rice, bok choy, chickpea tikka masala, Himalayan mango clouds, and blood orange punch. Immediately following dinner, attendees streamed onto the dance floor for a hands-on experience with the salsa dancer who performed earlier. The rest of the evening was spent dancing.

The International Student Union and The Good Idea Fund planned the gala.