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Got a question? Got a problem? Bored and want someone to listen? Just wanna talk about cats? Send any and everything to me at [email protected]! I promise, your letters keep me sane. My name’s Sadie Samson, by the way, and I’m an undergraduate student here at Drexel University. I love to write, listen and give my opinion, so ask away!


Dear Sadie,

Recently my moods have been swinging horribly. It’s been happening for a few months, but only lately has it been causing rifts in some of my close relationships. It isn’t like a “one moment I’m happy, the next I’m sad” swing, but more of a “someone said something that wouldn’t normally bother me, but that, for some reason, just pissed me off a whole lot” swing. My boyfriend says he feels that he has to be cautious around me with the things he says lest I freak out on him, and I’ve realized that my friends seem to be pulling away from me. Do you have any advice for keeping my moods in check?

Thanks in advance,

Moody Maura


Dear Maura,

I know that you asked for advice on how to keep your moods in check, but I feel that I am thoroughly unqualified to answer that. If we were dealing with a simple temperament problem, I would gladly help, but the fact that you say that your moods shift suddenly, and that this has only been happening recently, suggests that the problem is much deeper than it seems. Rather than only looking for ways to settle your moods, I implore you to talk to a counselor about this. The Counseling Center offers walk-in hours at its office in Creese. They’ll be able to give you the kind of professional advice that I can’t.

Wishing you the best of luck,


Dear Sadie,

What is Greek life all about? I’m going to assume that it isn’t necessarily what the media portrays (just like college isn’t), and that I should take everything I’ve been told about it by others with a grain of salt. You seem pretty unbiased, so rather than turn to people I know who are part of Greek life or people who are opposed to it entirely, I thought you might offer me a good, impartial picture of what Greek life entails.

Also, are you involved in Greek life? Just wondering.

Curious Carl

Dear Carl,

I’m going to give you one of those annoyingly ambiguous answers that seems really obvious, a little contrived and a bit frustrating if you were searching for a concrete answer: Greek life is what you make of it. Just like college life is different for everyone, the same can be said of Greek life.

Kudos to you for not falling trap to stereotypes and generalizations that follow Greek life and for being cautious of what might be said about it before you find out truths for yourself. By definition, fraternities and sororities are groups of men and women that come together as members of an organization organized for social, academic or extracurricular purposes. That said, Greek life is not “like” one thing, and everyone’s experiences with it are different. For one person, joining Greek life might be a fantastic networking tool that also comes with a sense of camaraderie. For others it might simply give them something to do on the weekends. Everyone’s goals and expectations of his or her given organization is bound to differ, and thus everyone’s experiences will be different.

My advice if you want a more in-depth look at Greek life: Talk to your friends who are affiliated with Greek organizations. Ask them what their experiences have been like and whether or not they’d still join if they could go back in time. Find out their reasons for joining and their reasons for staying affiliated. Ask them to be unbiased in what they tell you, and I’m sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

As to whether or not I’m Greek affiliated, I’ll keep that a secret.

All my best,



Dear Sadie,

I want to get more involved on campus, but I feel that at this time of the year, most groups aren’t open to newcomers. What do you think I should do to get more involved in Drexel as soon as possible?

New Nora


Dear Nora,

It’s awesome that you want to get involved; it makes my little Dragon heart feel all fuzzy. As for groups being closed off to people this time of year — nonsense! Groups are always, always, ALWAYS looking for new people! New people add new spice, new ideas and (most importantly) new perspectives to things campus groups are involved in. It’s never too late to join in on the campus fun.

If you want to get more involved with Drexel University programs specifically, something you might want to look into is becoming an Orientation Leader. It’s a great way to learn about the University, meet great people and help incoming students get introduced to the campus, and the application process starts soon. You could also look into becoming a Peer Leader  or go to any club meeting you’d like — anything! There are so many ways to get involved on campus, and I know you’ll have a ball discovering them.

Have fun!