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Got a question? Got a problem? Bored and want someone to listen? Just wanna talk about cats? Send any and everything to me at [email protected]! I promise, your letters keep me sane. My name’s Sadie Samson, by the way, and I’m an undergraduate student here at Drexel University. I love to write, listen and give my opinion, so ask away!

Dear Sadie,

I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents next week for the first time, and I am freaking out! He’s sort of a (without being mean!) momma’s boy, and I’m sure that if his mom doesn’t like me, he’ll start to think twice about us. I like him a lot, and even though we haven’t been going out very long, I really, really want us to work out. Now, for some irrational reason, I am just convinced that his mom won’t like me. Any pointers on how to impress his parents when I meet them (specifically his mom)? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Nervous Natalie

Dear Natalie,

Have confidence in yourself! The guy you’re with likes you enough to want to introduce you to his parents — that right there means that you’re already likeable and bound to impress them! Just be yourself (yes, I went all mom-advice on you, sue me), and I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

If you’re still nervous, a few things you can do to ensure the best “meeting-date” with the parentals: Dress modestly, don’t talk about controversial subjects, don’t make sweeping generalizations (you never know who they know) about a group of people, mind your P’s and Q’s, try not to talk politics if possible, laugh at their jokes (don’t overdo it, though) and be genuinely interested in them. Basically, be on your best “Great-Aunt-Millie’s-Coming-To-Town-So-Mom-Insists-You-And-The-House-Be-Prim-As-Can-Be” behavior and you’ll do fine; but don’t worry! Don’t be nervous, and try to act as naturally as possible. Take deep breaths, and tell yourself a joke in your head if that helps you calm down if you get too nervous meeting them.

That said, I’m sure that even if your guy’s mom doesn’t like you, it won’t mean the end of your relationship. He likes you for you, not for his mother’s approval, regardless of his momma’s boy status. Unless she catches a whiff of a serious drug addiction or other issue she has like that with you and brings it up to him, rest assured that she doesn’t have to be absolutely in love with you for the relationship to continue. And besides: If he would insist on breaking things off because of his mom, you are better off without him.

Best of luck!


Dear Sadie,

Hi, there! I’m a transfer student here at Drexel University, new for this term and new to the city. What are your suggestions regarding Philly, making friends and other such things? I’m not super shy or anything, just curious as to what you’d say would be the best way to branch out and meet people as a newbie here. I’m not a freshman, if that changes anything, and I don’t live in the dorms.


New-In-Town Nora

Dear Nora,

Welcome to Drexel! Hope you like it here so far. Philly is a wonderful city full of things to do, places to go, concerts and films to go see, and cheap, delicious food — it truly is amazing. In terms of getting to know the city, I’d suggest walking to start. Taking a group with you and going by day, take a walk down Market or Chestnut Street from campus until you hit 15th Street. That’ll introduce you to Center City, a really neat place with a ton of shops and restaurants, as well as used bookstores (my favorite!), sushi bars and hoagie shops along the way. From there you’ll learn to (safely) explore the city and discover your own favorite places to chill and hang out.

In terms of making friends, I’d suggest joining a group or intramural sport that you’re interested in. It’s perfect for meeting people with similar interests as you. Talking to people before class is another great way to meet people, as is talking to the people sitting next to you (so long as the professor’s not talking!), so get chatting. You never know who might be your new best friend! Check out volunteer groups on campus and writing workshops if those sorts of things float your boat — you’ll meet people there who enjoy the things you do! Also, check out Greek life — it isn’t for everyone, but it is a great way to meet and connect with people.

Also, don’t forget to stay friends with the people from your old school. Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you have to start completely anew! Invite them to the city for the day and plan trips to visit them, and have them meet all your new Dragon friends!

Best of luck!


Dear Sadie,

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?!

The Wondering Honey Badger

Dear Badger,

I believe that (and correct me if I’m wrong): A woodchuck would chuck all the wood that a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Correct?

Might I ask as well: why is a badger wondering about the hypothetical implications of a woodchuck’s wood chucking capabilities?!