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Ready For An Emotional Breakdown? Stream “Superache” by Conan Gray

Photo courtesy of Pexels user Trev Adams

The long-awaited album “Superache” by Conan Gray will make you cry until your room turns into a lake of tears. However, the production is 10/10 for making you feel like you’re living in a music video. The album is gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, emotional and wonderfully beautiful. Gray’s talent oozes from the album– or maybe it’s his own blood, sweat and tears. Whatever it is, it is magical. There are so many notable songs on this album, but some stuck out more than others. 

A good starting point is “Best Friend.” It is the most lighthearted song on the album. It is a nice break from the emotional breakdown that the album gives you. The lyrics are simple, but cute. The meaning of the song is already in the title, as the song is about Gray’s best friend and how much they mean to him. The song is arguably one of the catchiest on the entire album and will likely get stuck on your head, especially if you’re like me and keep it on repeat. 

“Astronomy” has been out for a little while but it still makes me sob. It is one of the most beautiful songs Gray has ever written, and his track record is astonishing. The music in the background, the lyrics, chorus, and everything in between is gorgeous. One of my favorite parts is the background effects. There are some very intriguing effects on his vocals as well as small, detailed sounds that grab your attention. This song is especially interesting because it sounds personal, almost like an intimate story time with Gray. The chorus feels so relatable, especially when he sings ’We’ve seen everything from Saturn to Mars/ As much as it seems like you own my heart/ It’s astronomy, we’re two worlds apart.”

“Jigsaw” is different from anything else on the album. The beginning is slow, but right after the first verse leading into the chorus, there is a guitar screech that builds to the loud chorus. The lyrics are deep and emotional, as well as relatable. The chorus hits differently than on the other tracks and has a special “scream-crying while dancing” element. Gray sings, “I’ve changed every part of me/ Until the puzzle pieces aren’t me, at all/ I look in the mirror, now I’m just a jigsaw/ You take every part of me, all of the things you need/ Then the rest you discard/ I look in the mirror, now I’m just a jigsaw.” Although it is a bit devastating, it has this rock element to it that makes it difficult to not want to jump around. A smaller observance that is very satisfying in the song is Gray’s pronunciation of words. It just scratches the right parts of the ears and it is the cherry on top of a great song.

“Family Line” is also one of the saddest on the record. It is about being related to toxic or abusive people and being reminded of them in yourself when you don’t want to. You can separate yourself, but only to a certain point. The chorus is absolutely crushing and full of emotion, you can assume it is from years of dealing with the complex feelings attached to the words, “Scattered ‘cross my family line/ I’m so good at telling lies/ That came from my mother’s side/ Told a million to survive/ Scattered ‘cross my family line/ God, I have my father’s eyes/ But my sister’s when I cry/ I can run, but I can’t hide/ From my family line.” It’s obvious that this song hits a personal note and even though it is sad, it is a beautiful creation. 

“Footnote” is another solid track. It is about being in the background of someone’s life while they are at the forefront of yours but still being happy to even be there at all. The metaphor is extremely clever and it is the anthem of unacquitted love. Unfortunately, it resonates with many listeners.

“Memories” is one of the last tracks and the beginning sounds almost like it belongs in a musical but it transforms into a rock song. It is catchy and fun and less heartbreaking compared to the other tracks. Gray sings about wishing someone he doesn’t like could just stay in his memories instead of ever having to see them again in real life. It is an interesting concept and a fun listen. 

Finally, “Superache” is an experience. It has ups and downs and pulls you around in whatever direction Gray wants you to go. This is an album for the books. I recommend it especially to people who enjoy pop music or to people who need to just let it all out.