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Producer REZZ takes time to discuss tour, new release

By now, most of you probably know about REZZ, who at the age of 20 is spinning some of the most noteworthy underground techno. She has caught the ears of deadmau5 and Skrillex, making her music a popular topic on every music blog and publication as the “Girlsaffelstein.” She gained a large following through her free releases on SoundCloud, and her debut label release “Serenity” came out June 2015. Her peculiar, dark, eerie and atmospheric tracks are radically different from anything else out there right now and this has led her to follow up with a three-track “Insurrection” EP on Skrillex’s NEST imprint. Her live performances are just as special as her sound; she continues to gain a cult-like following with every passing show. She is one artist you definitely want to keep an eye on.

She recently took some time out of her schedule to answer some questions about her tour, inspirations and career goals.

The Triangle: How has the tour been so far?

Rezz: It’s been pretty surreal. The tour came together within the last two to three weeks and we had no idea this was going to happen so we didn’t have much time for preparation. It’s been crazy and every show has been jam-packed because obviously we are with deadmau5. Every show has been so fun! I’ve been learning a lot of music and disk jockeying. It’s been amazing and this whole thing has been so enlightening for me. Overall, 10/10 for sure.

TT: I saw your tweet about a kid who said you should make festival trap…

R: Ha, ha. Well, sometimes people just don’t know who you are at all and the music you make. People are going to say, “Oh you’re a producer, you should make festival trap.” He didn’t even think about who I am. So that is just a big fat “no.”

TT: So what draws you to dark techno when you could be making more mainstream electronic music?

R: I could not do it even if I tried. I can only make the genre that I make, because that’s what made me want to produce in the first place. If someone tells me that I should try and create another kind of music, I would not be able to do it because I don’t have the knowledge or the brain to be able to make a different genre than what I create. So whatever comes out of me naturally is what I can make. I can’t force myself to create something I can’t.

TT: How long have you been making your own music?

R: It’s been almost two and a half years.

TT: How did you get into it?

R: It was deadmau5. I tell everybody this, but he was my biggest inspiration. I would not be making music if it wasn’t for him. The quality of his songs – everything about him is why I started producing. It’s crazy I’m on tour with him now. It’s insane.

TT: You’ve been compared to Gesaffelstein countless times now. Who are some artists who influenced you?

R: Bassnectar, Eric Prydz. Over anyone it was deadmau5: he was the one I knew before I started producing. I knew Eric Prydz but it was mostly deadmau5. I found out about Gesaffelstein after I started producing because people mentioned that I sound like him and I was like, “Who is he?” But yeah, deadmau5 is definitely number one and everyone else is secondary.

TT: You just put out your EP, “The Silence Is Deafening,” on mau5trap. How did that come about, and what was the creative process like? Because I’d assume it’s very different from releasing a track.

R: Well, I got in touch with mau5trap because ATTLAS found me and he told me them to check me out. So after sending songs via email, I got them to release the track “Surrender,” after which they said they wanted to release an EP with me. I had already made a bunch of songs, but I kept making new music and I finally sent them some songs and they chose the best. Surely enough, those were the songs I wanted on the EP and it got released. The process of making them is the same as it always is: I don’t just sit there trying to make it sound cohesive. I just make what comes naturally to me.

TT: How much time do you spend making music? Do you prefer producing over DJing?

R: I honestly spend most of my time making music. When I start working on something I get really excited and will keep working on it until I am done. Sometimes I can finish a song in a day; other times it takes about a week. It really just depends on the song. I do prefer producing over DJing because that’s how I started. It’s what drew me to creating music. I will say that I am enjoying DJing more now because the crowd at the shows and festivals know my music which makes it more fun.

TT: Were your parents always on board with you becoming a producer?

R: Well, initially they were worried because I would spend hours  even days  in my room just making music. At first, they did not understand it but eventually, once blogs started posting about my music, they weren’t as skeptical anymore. Yeah, they are still worried about me not being home all the time among other things but they have been very supportive this whole time.

TT: So, if you could have a dream collaboration who would it be with?

R: deadmau5. Hands down, because like I said before, he inspired me and continues to do so.

TT: Any inspiring advice to up-and-coming producers?

R: Work hard and just believe in what you are making even if it sounds weird.