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Philly gets painted neon

A nationwide phenomena erupted this past week as the streets of Philly filled with lines of impatient teenagers waiting for the doors to finally open and reveal the insane world that is “Dayglow.”

“Dayglow,” as many may call it, is an experience like no other. The amount of energy and passion needed to survive this one event is enough to launch a rocket. For weeks, people plan for this cosmic concert, spending money to don the ever-famous all-white outfit with neon accents. People save and borrow money just to get close to holding that ticket to a once in a lifetime spectacle. Even though many people already know the hidden secrets of “Dayglow,” I am going to describe my personal experience with this event and let those who didn’t go have the chance to see what the experience is all about.

As I got ready the rain poured, coating the earth with a blanket of obstacles and mess. The world seemed to be coming down around everyone, yet no one seemed to mind the black display above them. Only one thing was on everyone’s minds: “Dayglow.” As my friends ran into Race Street Residence Hall, drenched from nose to toe, their smiles only reflected the experience that was awaiting all of us. My friends and I ran in our white attire, lacking any coats or umbrellas, and finally made it into a taxi and headed to the Philadelphia Navel yard, where the event was held. Once we arrived, the floods seemed to move in faster, drowning those not lucky enough to gather under the awning to wait for the doors to open. As time went by, excitement and anticipation took over the crowd. The long line of people wearing neon pink headbands and glow stick bracelets jumped up and down vigorously, screaming as the gates were opened and the night was finally about to begin.

The lights flashed and thousands of feet were parading around my excited body. It was an indescribable experience, walking into a world filled with chaos and pure ecstasy. Spastic bodies swaying to the dub step beat and the surrounding sound moved through every inch of the room. Everyone was connected whether they wanted to be or not. The audience made a quilt of body parts all over each other. As the night continued, the lights blasted through the stage, the heat and intensity went to new lengths and the music pounded through the walls. Before I knew it, it was finally time for the countdown.

The countdown is when the infamous numbers slowly go down until the biggest surprise of the evening comes. I waited impatiently to see what this surprise was going to bring and then it started. Rushes of color squirted from all directions coating the whole chaotic world around me. The white that once engulfed the whole room became a huge rainbow of fantastic neon color. Reality seemed to disappear completely and the “Dayglow experience” seemed to finally set in. The night ended before I knew it.

“Dayglow” is not like anything I have ever felt. Losing reality is a hard thing to accomplish, but this is the place to do it. If you want a night to live in a world of pure insanity, chaos beyond your wildest dreams and an experience of a lifetime then “Dayglow” is definitely for you.