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Pack This Not That

Summer is just around the corner, and that means that grand adventures and travels are awaiting you! To make the most of this season, many students like me are going to study abroad. But before you jet away to your destination, you have to prepare a suitcase with the essentials. Specific for traveling throughout Europe, reference this list for the absolute musts and for what you can leave behind!


Dark-wash denim is dressier than lighter denim washes and therefore more versatile. While traveling from country to country, you will experience weather variations including moderate to cold temperatures in which you will want to reach for your favorite pair of jeans.

little black dress because you never know what occasion might be presented to you during your travels or what grand adventure is awaiting you, so come prepared with an LBD.

Invest in supportive, neutral but still stylish sandals from Lands End or another quality shoe manufacturer. You can wear basic sandals while walking during the day or out at night. With pretty sandals, you will avoid the stereotypical, notorious American tourist look.

All over Europe there are strict dress codes that prevent women from showing their shoulders while in churches or other religious establishments, so come prepared with a conservative cardigan you can throw on and off while walking around.

Keep your cross-body bag positioned so that the purse is in front of your body, not in back! Pickpockets won’t stand a chance!

There will be many instances in which you wish you had a large bag: for laundry trips, grocery shopping, picnics, beach trips, etc. Pack a reusable tote bag that folds easily and does not take up much room.

Catch all your trains, flights, group tours and more with a stylish watch always on your wrist.

Compact, flexible and cheap, earbuds are much more practical than chunky headphones for traveling.

light and seasonally appropriate scarf will keep you warm on chilly nights and flights. It will also serve as a quick cover-up for churches and other conservative establishments.


Everyone may be preaching to you, “Pack your most comfortable shoes!” But are you really going to wear your ugly Nike or Saucony sneakers when you are among stylish Europeans? I didn’t think so.

Makeup breaks very easily, especially powders. Less is more, especially in countries with warmer weather where you will sweat it all off anyway. Stick to the essentials rather than your entire makeup collection.

Leave your finest jewelry at home. Stick with costume jewelry that would not cause you to feel devastated if stolen.

Do not pack a bathing suit cover-up or pieces that only serve one use. Instead, pack a sundress that you can wear while sightseeing but also to throw over your swimsuit for beach trips.

Bring cute sandals that you can wear out and about but also to the beach instead of flip-flops — once again, no one-use items.

The cobblestone streets of Europe and high heels are not a safe mix. Utilize wedges or dressier flats instead.