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“Nope” Out in Theaters Today

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Get your popcorn ready: Jordan Peele’s long-awaited sci-fi thriller “Nope” is finally out in theaters today.

Written, directed and produced by Peele, “Nope” is a cocktail of science fiction, horror and comedy elements associated with the iconic filmmaker’s style. Since his directorial debut with “Get Out,” (2017)  Peele’s films have set a precedent for dominating the box office and social media timelines. “Us” (2019) and “Get Out” ranked first and third highest-grossing projects distributed by Universal Pictures during their respective release years. 

The film stars the talented Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya as Emerald and OJ Haywood, siblings who inherit their family ranch after the mysterious death of their father. After unusual UFO spottings plague their small town, the two work together to try and capture a money shot of the supernatural beings in hopes of boosting themselves to fortune and fame.

Also starring in the film is Steven Yeun, best known for his role as Glenn in the television series “The Walking Dead.” He plays Ricky “Jupe” Park, a theme park owner who’s also desperate to bank off of the strange activities occurring in the town. The movie features Brandon Perea as a new face to most viewers— the young actor from the Netflix series, “The OA,” stars as Angel Torres; an electronic store employee who is hired to help the sibling duo get their money shot.

Since the first teaser poster was released precisely one year ago, fans have been reveling in each detail. Even with all of the promotional content available now, there is still much to learn about the mysterious forces our protagonists are at odds with. Some fans and theorists say they’re aliens, while others suspect super-intelligent apes, judging from brief clips of human-like figures shown in the original trailer. Whatever it is behind the abnormal happenings we’ve seen so far, we can trust the Oscar-winning screenwriter to unveil this mystery one suspense-filled layer at a time.

After a three-year wait for Peele’s third film, “Nope” is sure to be at the center of buzz this weekend. Whether it sparks deep conversation like the jaw-dropping twist in “Get Out,” or some creative Halloween costume ideas like the red jumpsuits from “Us,” the experience of catching this fresh thriller in theaters is one you don’t want to miss.