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MUNA’s stage presence commands crowd attention

Photo by Becca Newman | The Triangle

Indie pop band MUNA played The Met Philadelphia on Friday, May 5 on their Life’s So Fun tour. This show had been on my radar for awhile after having seen clips of the band performing on TikTok. The trio consists of lead singer Katie Gavin, guitarist Josette Maskin and keyboardist/guitarist Naomi McPherson. The crowd was a sea of Dr. Martens and dark clothing, buzzing with excitement.

The opener, Nova Twins, began their set at 8:02 p.m. launching into an intense rock set, with certain songs including a bit of screamo. The England duo, consisting of lead singer and guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South, told us it was their first time performing in Philly. The two had a punk-rock appearance about them, their outfits almost matching. They brought high energy to the stage and were very interactive with the audience, making them a great precursor to MUNA. 

MUNA took the stage at 9:11 p.m. Gavin sported what resembled black leather underwear, adorned with silver chains and a black jacket with a cropped white long-sleeve button down shirt and tie. Maskin wore black leather pants and a white t-shirt with silver bedazzlement. McPherson also hopped on the black leather pants wave, pairing them with a short sleeve orange jersey. 

The band opened with “What I Want” from their 2022 self-titled album, “MUNA.” This upbeat track accompanied by red stage lights started the show off on a hype note, as everyone in the pit began to dance. However, “Solid,” off the same self-titled album, was what really got the crowd into the groove of the show. Throughout every song, it was easy to see that all three members of the band were whole-heartedly giving the audience the best performance possible. Maskin in particular poured over their guitar, swaying to the beat of the music with it. Their smile was infectious for the duration of the concert. 

Stayaway,” off the 2019 album “Saves The World,”  was a standout track; the energy of the bridge buildup to Gavin’s high note on “stay” could be felt from everywhere in the venue. This song was followed by “Runner’s High,” from “MUNA,” which only increased the liveliness of the crowd. Gavin jumped on stage in tune with the flashing lights and those in the audience jumped with her, while Maskin shredded on their guitar and McPherson was on keys. 

A MUNA concert would not be a MUNA concert without the performance of “No Idea,” from “MUNA.” In this song, Gavin interacts with each of her bandmates on stage, first grinding on McPherson and then Maskin during the chorus. Needless to say, it was an intimate moment, that every die-hard MUNA fan whipped out their phone to record. Following this track, the band stopped to talk with the audience, and Gavin explained that the last time they played Philly she almost fell on stage after losing her balance post grinding with Maskin. The witty banter of the trio had everyone in the venue laughing and served as a nice break before the rest of the set resumed. 

Before singing “Kind of Girl,” off “MUNA,” Gavin introduced the song by saying that people had told her before that her lyrics were “too real” and “not fun to listen to.” This slow country ballad was a switch up from the previous pop the band was playing, creating a sincere moment between the crowd and the band. Gavin’s vocals, while always impressive, stood out in this track. 

However, the band’s silly energy was back a couple of tracks later with “Around U,” off the 2017 album “About U.” Gavin and McPherson prefaced with the fact that this song was about their breakup years prior. As if things could not get any more chaotic, the band played “Crying on the Bathroom Floor,” from the same album, next. During this track, Maskin and McPherson kissed, while Gavin kissed the band’s tour manager. 

The show continued with “Home By Now” which featured everyone running around on stage chasing each other. The band closed their set with recent single release “One That Got Away” before going straight into the encore. Gavin dedicated the first encore song, “I Know A Place” to queer and trans people as the stage was lit with blue and pink. The encore closer was the hit 2022 collaboration with Phoebe Bridgers, “Silk Chiffon.” Everyone in the venue was screaming the lyrics to this one. McPherson took over Bridgers’ solo in the song, showcasing their powerful vocals and making it their own by adding in runs on particular words. 

The concert ended shortly after 10:30 p.m. People left the venue settling down from the rush of energy they just experienced and chattering about the many iconic moments of the show. The lyric “Life’s so fun” from “Silk Chiffon” definitely rings true after attending a MUNA concert. This was my first time seeing the band and I am excited to see them once again at the All Things Go festival in Columbia, MA. In the meantime, MUNA can be seen live at their headline tour, or as one of the openers on Taylor Swift’s, The Eras Tour


What I Want

Number One Fan



Runner’s High

So Special

No Idea

Loose Garment


Kind of Girl


Pink Light

Around U

Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Home By Now

Anything But Me

One That Got Away


I Know a Place

Silk Chiffon