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May MADness with MAD Dragon Music Group | The Triangle
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May MADness with MAD Dragon Music Group

MAD Dragon Records and MAD Dragon Music Group are gearing up for a big month of new releases and events from their signed artists. As a small college record label, this much activity is a first for the organization.

For those of you who don’t know, MAD Dragon Records is Drexel University’s student record label. MAD Dragon’s roster consists of both local Philadelphia-based artists and Drexel University students. They sign both established acts and artists working to break and define their brand.

Students in the business concentration of the music industry program take three or more terms of the MAD Dragon Music Group class, where they learn about running an indie record label and work with artists on developing and launching their projects. The label offers artists and musicians a great home to cultivate and grow their art, providing many services including the various recording studios on campus and a distribution agreement with Sony Music partners, The Orchard. There is also a section of the class that focuses specifically on the music marketing associated with the MAD Dragon Records releases.

The first release this May from MAD Dragon comes from Philadelphia rock band Chestnut Grove. Chestnut Grove drops their new EP, “Black Champagne,” May 4. The local band is a recent sign for MAD Dragon, but they have been performing and releasing music since 2011.

“Black Champagne” shows a new side of Chestnut Grove, focusing on the grittier side of rock ‘n’ roll. The EP is filled with distorted guitar, ripping vocals and infectious riffs. The project’s single “Scratch an Itch” has gotten airplay on Philly’s alternative radio station, Radio 104.5. The band will be holding a release party May 4 at 6 p.m. in Drexel University’s Studio One, and will  have a full show at the Ardmore Music Hall May 5.

The band Past Life will be dropping their new single “Apollo” May 11. Past Life’s members are from Chester County, Pennsylvania and the group has a strong mid-2000s-indie, alt-rock sound. Their music is full of unique chord progressions, embellished instrumental layers and unmatched energy.

This new single “Apollo” is the lead single off their forthcoming EP which is expected in July. After they drop the new single, the band will be going out on a short tour which includes a stop in Philadelphia at batting cage/music venue Everybody Hits.

The last big release for the month is from a student at Drexel. “Sort-of-pop-sort-of-not” artist Mazie is a freshman in the music industry program. The lead single from her new EP, “omw,” is coming out May 18. She is originally from Baltimore, and cites Amy Winehouse and Billie Eilish as musical influences. Her previous music was heavily inspired by jazz music, but her new music is more electropop.

The single dropping May 18 is called “oh my god.” It’s a dance pop track that shows off a new side of her artistry. The full EP will arrive June 1, but you can check her out live before then. She will be having an EP release show at The Tip with musical acts Just Friends, Marquel, Kennedy Murphy and DJ Nico Oso.

It’s an exciting time for MAD Dragon Music Group, so make sure to keep an eye out for their new releases and check out some of the events they have coming up. You can find the label at and follow MAD Dragon Music Group on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on their future releases.