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Lawn Jawn: Drexel’s own spring festival doesn’t disappoint

Photo by Kasey Shamis | The Triangle

On Friday afternoon, May 13, Lawn Jawn, Drexel’s annual spring festival organized by Flux and Drexel’s Music Industry Program, took place between the URBN Center and URBN Annex. The long-anticipated event was free and open to the public, encouraging everyone to join the fun. Attendees enjoyed live performances from artists based in Philly, had the opportunity to support local business vendors and enjoyed a variety of food options. Running from 1-5 p.m., Lawn Jawn was a colorful experience that uplifted the spirits of Drexel’s community and offered a much-needed break ahead of finals week. 

Each year, Lawn Jawn creates a platform for vendors to showcase their talents and creativity. Walking through tables arranged by Drexel students and other local vendors, items like clay jewelry, fur hats, vintage clothing, upcycled bags and dumpling-shaped soap were among the collections on display. A total of 24 vendors had applied for this year’s event, and many left feeling pleasantly surprised by the amount of support and interest customers expressed for their products. In addition to vendor tables, there was another table towards the front where visitors could join a raffle to receive coveted prizes or purchase Lawn Jawn customized stickers and posters. Lawn Jawn was also sponsored by Pepsi, providing free Celsius drinks and giveaways for the event.

Amongst the sellers were three food options to keep guests energized throughout the event. Those with a sweet tooth could walk over to the ice cream and dessert truck to enjoy a treat in the hot sun. Another stall on the opposite side of the road sold an array of pastries and cakes. As a third option, people could try the Asian food truck selling dumplings to enjoy amongst the sounds of good conversation and music. 

As people were rolling in, electric producer and DJ Kari introduced a unique sound that fused EDM micro-genres to set the mood for the day. After that, this year’s performances continued with Hotel Breakfast, a group based in Philly that brought the energy to kick off the event. Students and Philadelphia natives love them for their style, which oscillated between electronic rock, shoegaze and emo, as they performed music from their recently released EP, “rip hotel breakfast.”  Mild Temperance came in next, giving the audience a performance inspired by jazz, RnB and bedroom pop. Their music whimsically expresses their love for people, spirituality and attention to mental health, and floats over technically complex sound arrangements. The news that Karlia, a Drexel senior and local rising star was appearing at Lawn Jawn had the crowd buzzing. Her renditions of Weak by SWV and Redbone by Childish Gambino blew fans away. To end the event with a bang, the headlining group Snacktime came in last, and gave fans everything they were expecting and more. They are a multi-genre group that has quickly grown into one of Philadelphia’s most beloved bands. Their sound had a unique and fun 90s feel, mixed with undertones of Hip-Hop and R&B.

Overall, flowers go to the organizers for managing to pull off such a successful event and wholesome experience for the Drexel community and those beyond. It provided a fun day off in the sun before students start to prepare for the rest of the academic quarter. Many look forward to attending or taking part in next year’s Lawn Jawn, anticipated only to be bigger and better. Be sure to be on the lookout for notices calling out for vendors, and be inspired by initiatives like Lawn Jawn that amplify the talent and endless creativity circling all around us.