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KNO produces eco-friendly clothing while helping local communities

If you aren’t already aware of the eco-friendly brand KNO Clothing, I highly recommend you look into it. Developed and launched in 2010, KNO Clothing is a brand that has potential to become a heavyweight among charitable organizations. Co-founders Anthony Thomas and Stephen Caldwell have built their brand upon a foundation different from other philanthropic clothing companies.

Sure, philanthropic clothing companies such as Toms Shoes have been cropping up for the past decade, but KNO Clothing’s innovative business approach and focus on homelessness is refreshing. It’s about helping those who are local rather than those across the globe. KNO Clothing is an attractive idea, and it gives customers the opportunity to see the results firsthand at KNO Delivery Events.

Not only do they design fun, trendy T-shirts, among many other clothing options, but they do it all for a great cause. In short, the brand is focused on ending homelessness by donating 50 percent of its profits to those in need. Each purchase provides an article of clothing to someone in need of basic necessities such as clothing and shelter. So far, KNO Clothing has donated over 500 articles of clothing and, in coordination with its partners, has housed over 11,000 people.

In even better news, KNO Clothing released its 2012 Spring Collection April 23. The collection has caught much attention from environmentally conscious enthusiasts of late. Blair Griffith, also known as Ms. Colorado, wanted to get involved with the cause and agreed to be a part of the Spring and Summer Collection photo shoot.

Thomas and Caldwell said that all products sold by KNO Clothing are “fairly traded products and are made out of organic cotton or post-consumer recycled materials,” further noting that the spring collection consists of “17 items, including four tops for women, one tank for women, one tank for men, two tote bags, two cuff bracelets, one messenger bag, one unisex T-shirt, one polo for men, one t-shirt for men, one dress for women and one scarf, to be specific.”

Items in the collection are priced from $20 to $50 and speak to all ages and genders.

“We’ve put together a collection that is chic, and we believe that customers will find it to be a refreshingly simple take on the trends of the season,” Thomas said.

Thomas went on to state KNO’s advice for maintaining a successful brand: “Be creative. Don’t sacrifice creativity for what someone thinks will sell.”

KNO Clothing loves to work with bright colors that resonate well with the spring and summer. In addition, the brand owners prefer using 100-percent organic cotton and a mix of lightweight fabrics so that people can look good and stay cool while combating the summer heat.

Simply put, this collection is perfect for those summer music festivals and outdoor barbecues you’re planning to attend. Why not sport the latest summer trends while supporting this groundbreaking cause?

To fight against homelessness, join KNO Clothing’s journey to change the way we think about fashion, one garment at a time. To learn more about KNO Clothing and shop online, visit