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Kimbra seduces crowds at TLA

Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful New Zealand girl singing in a potpourri dress? Those dreams became a reality Oct. 21 when singer-songwriter Kimbra sold out Philadelphia’s Theater of Living Arts. The energy, style and voice Kimbra exuded left everyone well satisfied and pumped.

Kimbra has been seducing millions outside the U.S. with hits like “Cameo Lover,” “Two Way Street” and “Good Intent,” as well as great collaborations with Gotye and Foster The People. Her U.S. and Canadian tour is promoting her first studio album, “Vows,” which was three and a half years in the making.

The concert opened with the Step Kids, a band from Connecticut that offered psychedelic vibes and high vocals. Step Kids did a great job of making fans forget the long wait and pain in their feet with trippy songs like “Moon Pictures.” The band also played a new song titled “Sweet Salvation,” the first following a yearlong hiatus. The song took the audience on a trip and earned the Step Kids some new fans.

Being the sweetheart that she is, Kimbra opened up the show by having a painting made by fan Adam Arditi onstage. She gave him a shout-out, dedicated “Old Flame” to him and spoke of how happy it makes her that her music inspires creativity like Adam’s. If any Kimbra fans in the TLA weren’t already completely in love with her, this moment found their hearts pierced by Cupid’s arrow.

Kimbra got everyone jumping with “Limbo” and made everyone harmonize with “Two Way Street.” Usually most artists feed off the energy of the audience, but during this show, the audience fed off of Kimbra. When she sang “Settle Down,” Kimbra silenced the entire theater in order to absorb the soft melodies at the beginning of the song.

Once she sang the hits she’s known for, “Cameo Lover” and “Warrior,” the heat went up in the TLA. People jumped, fist pumped and krumped. After much chanting of her name in hope of an encore, Kimbra came out and sang two final songs, “Withdraw” and “Call Me.” Needless to say everyone left extremely satisfied after jamming out to Kimbra’s long, harmonious and powerful notes.