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Kim Petras hits the ‘Sweet Spot’ with Fillmore show

It was a lively night at The Fillmore when Kim Petras came th

It was a lively night at The Fillmore when Kim Petras came through Philadelphia on her “Clarity Tour” Nov. 19. It was the rising pop star’s second time playing in the city this year, after a sold-out show at the Theatre of the Living Arts in June.

The line outside the venue before doors opened stretched past The Fillmore’s gates. Petras’ fans were eagerly awaiting the show, even though many of them had probably just seen her in June. Part of this anticipation stems from the sheer amount of music Petras had released since her last tour.

Kim Petras is a growing pop phenomenon known for her high energy tracks and her constant music releases. This year alone, Petras released two full-length projects — her debut album “Clarity” and a Halloween album entitled “Turn Off The Light” — and a handful of collaborations with acts like Cheat Codes, Charli XCX, MAX and Stefflon Don.

By the time the opener began, the venue was buzzing with energy. The opener for the night was DJ Alex Chapman. He got the crowd moving and singing along with a wide variety of tunes both new and old. He worked his way across different genres, fitting tracks like “Who Says,” “Sugar We’re Going Down” and “Thotiana” in the same set.

Chapman knew Petras’ fanbase well. He was able to slip some cult favorites into his set that he knew would really getting the crowd going. In fact, it was Charli XCX’s “Vroom Vroom” that saw the peak of the crowd’s energy.

By the time the Petras took the stage, the crowd was even deeper in than when the show began. The show was not sold-out, but it felt like it must have been close.

Kim Petras opened the show with the tour’s titular song and took instant command of the room. It may only be her second headlining tour, but she knows how to work the stage. She does not tour with a band, instead opting for her producer Aaron Joseph to cue and mix tracks for her. Though it is a large space for just two people, the stage never felt empty with just Petras and her producer.

Photograph by Tosh Farrell for The Triangle

The stage design was much more elaborate for this show than Petras had had for her show at the TLA — a perk of playing bigger venues. The stage had three tiers connected by stairs and a wall of oscillating LED lights in the back. There was also a spinning circular platform in the high back corner surrounded by lights, which she used for a couple songs.

The setlist contained a fair amount of songs from both of Petras’ 2019 albums. Though spooky season was over, it was the Halloween-inspired tracks like “Death By Sex,” “Massacre” and “There Will Be Blood” that elicited some of the biggest responses from the crowd.

Most of her music is dance ready, high-energy pop tunes. It was impressive to see Petras maintain enough stamina throughout the show to keep up with the music. She did take a couple moments in the set to slow things down, including a cover of “Human” by The Killers.

At one point in the set, Petras spotted a fan she recognized in the front row. She asked the crowd to sing a chorus of a song not normally on the setlist with her a capella. The venue launched into a sing-a-long of “If U Think About Me,” one of Petras’ early songs and the fan’s favorite. It was a beautiful moment and a testament to Petras’ appreciation of her fans.

Photograph by Tosh Farrell for The Triangle

Overall, it was another great show for Kim Petras. She is definitely a force to keep your eye on and one to check out next time she makes her way through the city.