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Kesha fans rally in support against producer Dr. Luke

Kesha, the pop singer we all know for songs like “Tik Tok,” has been in an ongoing battle with Dr. Luke, her former producer. Dr. Luke signed Kesha when she was just 18 years old while he has worked with several other big name artists such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry and MIley Cyrus. It all started in October 2014 when Kesha accused Dr. Luke of abusing her “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally.” Kesha’s accusation states how there have been many instances where Dr. Luke drugged and raped her, made threats to her and her family as well as delivered condescending comments about her weight. Kesha’s mother Pebe Sebert, in an interview with People magazine, stated that “Dr. Luke had been telling her how she had to get in shape and lose weight and all this stuff. She was exercising and dieting and ultimately doing everything she could, but not getting thin fast enough. And that’s when she first became bulimic.”

To make things worse, Dr. Luke is denying all these accusations and countersued by saying that Kesha is exploiting him and only doing this so she could leave Kemosabe Records (part of Sony). Kesha, however was merely requesting that she didn’t have to work with Dr. Luke. Sony wasn’t able to give her a 100 percent guarantee to fulfill her wish.

Kesha’s next step was to request an injunction which is a court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific action. If the injunction were to be granted then it would have to “maintain the status quo by preventing a defendant from becoming insolvent or to stop the defendant from continuing his or her allegedly harmful actions.” For Kesha, it would mean that she would be able to record music outside of Kemosabe Records. Kesha’s fans never backed down in any way. The #FreeKesha movement was born where everyone stood together to defend Kesha all over social media.

On Feb. 19 the New York Supreme Justice Shirley Kornreich didn’t let the injunction go through because according to her, Kesha was “asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.” She also brought up the counterargument the label had about how Kesha was “given [an] opportunity to record” and that was no “irreparable harm.” Kesha was in tears at the time of the hearing.

Kornreich still has to make rulings from any other counterclaims that were made during this case by using more evidence. Dr. Luke’s lawyer stated that “We are pleased with the court’s decision from the bench fully denying Ms. Sebert’s motion for a preliminary injunction. As the court recognized, Ms. Sebert has always had the ability to proceed with her career if she so chooses. We remain confident that when all the facts are presented, Ms. Sebert’s allegations against Luke will be shown to be completely false and were asserted solely to extort money and gain contractual leverage.”

Kesha’s supporters are still optimistic and will continue with their #FreeKesha movement for hopes that things will turn around.