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Kali Uchis explores all aspects of love with “Red Moon in Venus”

Graphic by John Hazlett | The Triangle

With songs like “telepatía,” “Melting” and “After The Storm,” Kali Uchis has captivated audiences with her dreamy production and alluring vocals. Whether it be an EP, album or feature, it seems as though every track the Colombian singer touches turns to gold. Her newest project “Red Moon in Venus” is no different. After releasing two singles, “I Wish You Roses” and “Moonlight,” fans patiently awaited the release of her third studio album. “Red Moon In Venus” proves Uchis’ ability to dominate any genre with a mix of slow ballads, experimental pop, and smooth R&B. Despite being a strong project throughout, here are just a few of the standout tracks.

Love Between…

Following her first single off the album, “Love Between…” is a slow, soulful love song that highlights Uchis’ intoxicating vocals. Uchis interpolates the The Temprees’ “Love…Can Be So Wonderful” and makes it her own with longing lyrics in the verse like “If you take away my air, how am I supposed to breathe?/ Tell me, why would we be here if this ain’t meant to be?” The song’s deep bass and smooth guitar over its steady drum beat and quiet organ serve as a perfect accompaniment to Uchis’ vocals and harmonies. Running at just two and a half minutes, “Love Between…” shows a softer, more sensual side of the album and keeps the first half just as strong as the singles she released.

All Mine

Directly after the previous song, “All Mine” shares some similar sonic features to “Love Between…” while still being able to stand on its own. Still on the slower side, “All Mine” is more haunting with droning, siren-like melodies. Heavy reverb and spatial panning give a mysterious, otherworldly feel to the song while low synth accents add to the texture of the piece. Uchis exudes confidence on this track with lyrics like “Don’t gotta fight for what is mine/ You couldn’t keep him even if I gave him to you/ It’s just pathetic at this point.” While “Red Moon in Venus” is full of crooning about idealistic love, she has no problem letting the audience know she values herself just as much as she does her partner. 


The ninth track off of the album, “Endlessly,” is one of the more uptempo tracks on the project. Twinkly synth accents, retro keys and funky basslines are rich throughout the song without overpowering Uchis’ captivating voice. It is not until the post-chorus that a smooth, high-pitched synth lead weaves its way through the lyrics “Callin’ you on your bluff/ Don’t ever stop giving me your all and all/ Love you, endlessly.” While her previous tracks focused more on the deep connection between two partners, “Endlessly” explores a more fun and carefree aspect of her relationship.

Moral Conscience

“Moral Conscience” wastes no time establishing the tone of the track when Uchis enters with “One thing about karma, that b*tch will find you” over a fixed drum beat and soft bells. A dramatic break in the instrumental allows Uchis to sing a small section of the chorus melody before bringing in heavy layers of synth. Her evocative vocals and psychedelic production back her trailing harmonies and strong lead. “Moral Conscience” reads as a warning to her listeners as she explains the meaning of her song as: “Doing wrong to good people will always only curse you in the end.” 


After multiple tracks recounting the high points in her relationship, “Blue” exhibits the hardships that come with missing someone you love. Hazy saxophone and chimes provide a dreamlike atmosphere for the song while deep bass and low keys add depth to the overall piece. Despite her powerful and confident exterior, Uchis’ vulnerability with lyrics like “I’m not broken yet/ But sometimes it sure feels like it/ When you treat me like a stranger” gives the audience a glimpse into her own insecurities. “Blue” reads as a cathartic expression of Uchis’ worries without losing her identity.

“Red Moon In Venus” is a fully-rounded expression of love and all the different forms it comes in. From front to back, Uchis explores self-love, the honeymoon stage, heartbreak and everything that comes between. Sonically the album is cohesive without being repetitive and is a perfect addition to Uchis’ catalog. Be sure to check out “Red Moon In Venus” on all streaming platforms.