Jay Som creates a personal connection with crowd at intimate Foundry show | The Triangle

Jay Som creates a personal connection with crowd at intimate Foundry show

Photograph by Lena Fine for The Triangle

Jay Som flooded The Foundry with dulcet tones of honesty and pure heart Oct. 29. The venue was incredibly intimate, allowing for perfect strangers to become intertwined over the empowering harmonics of the popular singer-songwriter and her opener, Boy Scouts.

The physical appeal of the show and the performers made the concert a tangible experience. Both acts graced the stage clad in casual clothing, an effect that made it hard to distinguish the artist from the audience. The sheer proximity of the audience to the stage also made for an air of enchantment, drawing them in and allowing them to catch a glimpse into the innermost thoughts of the songstresses and their accompaniments. The artists shared a casual energy that radiated throughout the venue, allowing a safe space for everyone to share a love for the raw and emotional music.

Boy Scouts graced the stage very humbly, almost asking permission from the audience before playing their set. As they played, it felt as though we were watching them coexist within their own space, and we had simply happened to stumble upon them. Their deeply personal relationships were made evident through the sense of community and support they gave each other, swaying in unison for some songs and lightly bobbing their heads as their feet danced on their pedal sets for others. Boy Scouts was able to revel in the same anticipation and excitement from the audience that they carried for Jay Som. Between songs, the band would take to the mic to express their joy and gratitude, each time being met with equally excited cheers from the audience that revealed that the feelings were mutual.

Jay Som offered a very personal show, reaching a level of intimacy with the audience that was palpable through the speakers. In a performance that appealed to the senses, the audience was met with a balance of sweet melodies and harsh sound effects that evoked the same feeling as driving full speed through a tunnel with the windows down. A handful of the songs on the set-list nearly finished with loose ends, the tones being overshadowed with intentional reverb that took the songs in unexpected directions.

It was clear the band wanted to make the concert experience an incredibly interactive one, even going so far as to consult the audience at the end. Jay Som nearly closed the show asking the audience if we preferred one more song or two, to which we responded with the latter, of course. Members of the crowd shouted song requests and were answered positively when Som revealed that yes, she planned to finish with the songs requested. Jay Som eloquently balanced an energy of control over artistry while also allowing for a personal connection with the audience.