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Maisie Peters preserves spirit of emo girl pop on new EP

Emo girl pop has become something of a hot commodity in the past five years. Mega-stars like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish have ratcheted up the craft of the genre, and added an edge that gave it the sauce it needed to dominate pop radio. But in its rise, it lost a bit of its heart.

Emo girl pop was always first about the emotions. Lipa kept the emotions but glossed them out in dance beats. Eilish also kept them close but powers over them with her natural bravado. Both are without a doubt still wonderful, but it begs the question — where’s the music for the emo wall flowers?

May I offer an answer to my own question in the form of one singer/songwriter: Maisie Peters. Peters is just 19 years old, but has been writing songs since she was 12. Hailing from Brighton, England, she started posting songs on YouTube when she was 15. Three years later, she was signed to Atlantic Records and released her first EP “Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket.”

“Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket” introduced Peters as the more subtle side of emo girl pop. The EP took a step back from where pop was in 2018, and went for a simpler, classic singer/songwriter production. Softer, and focused on acoustic palettes, the songs feel a bit more timeless.

The EP was well-received, landing her two placements in the latest season of Love Island, known for their amazing music syncs. She followed up the EP with two singles; one of them, “Favourite Ex,” is truly one of the best break up tracks released this year.

Now, she has returned with an EP comprising of all new tracks. The project, “It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral,” is a step forward for Peters, as she experiments with more modern pop production elements.

The lead single “This Is On You” is as gentle a f–k you to offer to an ex-partner. The lyrics tell the story of a lover leaving her after she stood up for them time after time and when no one else supported them. The chorus lyrics, “It’s your bed babe / It’s your funeral,” serve as EP’s namesake. The production is centered around piano, but the track is driven by more modern drum samples.

The most radio ready track is “Adore You.” It’s a bright dance track that has an undeniable groove. It is an explosion of tender joy and butterflies. The post-chorus hook is a classic case of repetition, but it is super catchy. You’ll be singing along by the second time it comes around.

“Take Care of Yourself” is a beautiful song about self-care. It’s for all the people out there who tend to put others’ needs before their own. It’s a gentle reminder that we all need to be a little selfish sometimes.

“April Showers” is a clever lyrical flip on the springtime adage. Here, April is a girl’s name and she is quite literally taking a shower. It’s a bubbly track, but the lyrics are actually a bit devastating.

“As the water falls / I bet it’s gonna wash out every thought you ever had of me,” Peters lilts in the chorus. This song has the most interesting production, deftly playing with synths, vocoders and beat drops.

The final two tracks on the EP are those of aching and longing. “Look At Me Now” longs for an ex to return so she can feel whole again. “Personal Best” reminisces a time that has gone by. “Personal Best” is a track that Peters wrote with her sister in mind, and has a deep nostalgia embedded within it. Though it’s full of specific memories from her own life, the emotion it evokes is universal.

“It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral” is a wonderful collection of pop songs that will actually make you feel something. If you’re looking for a good cry, or just want to be in your feels for a little bit, try out these tracks from Maisie Peters.