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Is Malcolm Todd the new face of alternative R&B? | The Triangle
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Is Malcolm Todd the new face of alternative R&B?

Photo by Vishnu R Nair | Flickr

Are you a fan of Steve Lacy or Tyler, the Creator? Or indie/alternative music? If so, check out this new and rising artist, Malcolm Todd. From Los Angeles, CA, Todd started making music in 2022. Ever since teasing music on TikTok and getting millions of views, he has been sensational and his fame has only been growing. 

In 2023 he previewed his single “Art House” on TikTok, and since releasing it, he went from only having a few thousand listeners to millions in just a few months. Since then, he has been releasing music almost every month and he’s had hit after hit. Some highlights include “Roommates,” and from his new album “Sweet Boy Pt. 1”, “4Me 4Me.

Recently, Todd did an interview on the Zach Sang show, a YouTube show, and he briefly talked about his life and his music career. Todd started making music during the pandemic and a little after, but at the time he performed at parties since he was still in high school. He started creating his own music in 2022, the same year he released his first album “Demos Before Prom.” Todd briefly discussed his parents. His dad is a scriptwriter for many shows but he mostly wrote for ABC’s “The Middle,” and Todd himself was on the show in Season 4 Episode 6 as a baseball player. His mother, while being involved in musical theater, was mostly a stay-at-home mom. 

Throughout the interview, Todd was talking about his music, and one could tell that his passion was obvious. Todd also shared his thoughts about what it is like to put music out there and try to get people to discover you. His answer highlighted his focus on authenticity and personal expression which he’s demonstrated throughout his entire career.   

“You need to have pride and be yourself when making it,” Todd said. 

He has always focused on quality and wants to create music that people will move to and enjoy. He explained what a good song is to him. 

“A good song to me is something that feels cool and sounds good,” Todd said. “I love to play interesting chords that no one has really heard before and I feel like that’s what makes my music a little different.” After gaining popularity so quickly, Todd recently announced his first tour Sweet Boy in North America from Apr. 15 to May 26. He is performing at The Theatre of Living Arts on May 1. Be sure to grab your tickets soon because the show is selling out quickly — a trend you can expect to continue with this artist’s performances.