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Hoops to play killer show at Boot & Saddle | The Triangle
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Hoops to play killer show at Boot & Saddle

This Nov. 3, Philadelphia will be treated to some lo-fi jams from beloved band, Hoops. Hailing all the way from Indiana, the band will make a stop at the ol’ reliable Boot & Saddle to provide a solid opening for The Clientele.

Hampshire natives, The Clientele, have kicked off the U.S. leg of their tour, making stops in New York, Chicago and parts of the West Coast. Though they will be playing with other exciting bands as EZTV, Philly will be treated to Hoops and their indie chillwave music.

The first time I saw Hoops live was near this time last year when they opened for Chicago’s sweethearts, Whitney, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I remember being unable to stop dancing, bopping, grooving whilst hearing “La La La” off “Tape #2.” It felt like being caught in a melodic limbo filled with enchanting guitar riffs and hazy vocals — the feeling was nostalgic, even in the present moment.

The self-taught quartet started as frontman Drew Auscherman’s solo project before growing into the Hoops we all know and love today. Their recent EP “Routines,” released on Fat Possum Records in May, has been deemed a stand-out album by Pitchfork, Paste and more of the like. Tracks like “Sun’s Out” and “On Letting Go,” two of my personal favorites on the album, ooze with an overall fuzzy feeling accompanied with haunting melodies, much like the rest of Hoops’ music.

While “Routines” is their first studio-recorded album, the dream-pop indie rockers have delivered extraordinary music recorded in true D.I.Y. fashion — on tapes in basements. “Tape #1,” “Tape #2,” “Tape #3” and the self-titled EP “Hoops” display sentimental chords and patterns in addition to the frequent appearance of nifty guitar licks.

With new tunes about things we can all relate to — infatuation, wasting time, etc. — matched with vague vocals and the resulting glowing feeling brought about, Hoops is certainly not to be overlooked. Not only will they put on a radiant performance, but serve as a wonderful opening for headliners The Clientele. Both dreamy and both laidback, the show is bound to be a haze of cool, smooth sounds.