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Take a chance on the Gimme Gimme Disco, you may be pleasantly surprised

Gimme Gimme Disco hosted a 70s disco dance party at the Foundry Sept. 28. The party was heavily influenced by the music of ABBA, and groovy attendees were encouraged to dress up accordingly. A diverse crowd arrived at the Foundry within the first few hours of the disco, ready to get down to the classics.

The disco appealed to many groups of people in Philadelphia. There is no single characteristic that could fairly describe the whole, or even most of the crowd. The venue did specify that you must be 21 or older to enter, and tickets had to be purchased to participate. Still, people of all ages and backgrounds attended, each bringing different levels of commitment to dancing and dressing up .

Some groups dressed in classic disco gear; glitter, v-necks, vests, vintage 70s patterned dresses were popular among those dressed more eccentrically, while other groups wore more typical going out clothes. There were couples, large groups of friends and people who seemed to come alone just to enjoy the music and dancing.

The love for disco throwbacks beamed from the crowd every time a new track was played. Interestingly, Gimme Gimme Disco Entertainment Group, who hosted the themed night and played a variety of music, integrated some recent hits like Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and The Killer’s “Mr. Brightside.” Both of these tracks were paired with popular 70s hits, which the crowd responded well to. After hearing back to back disco throwbacks, it’s almost shocking to hear a song that’s come out even relatively recently. Luckily, the group bounced back every time an ABBA song or disco hit started playing.

While the disco itself was a ton of fun, the price of the tickets was a little misleading. The tickets had to be purchased through Live Nation Concerts and initially appeared to be around $15. Then when processing payment, it charges a $5 processing fee. This is a hefty fee when considering it is a third of the price of the ticket itself. In the end, the disco was well worth the $20, but it did heighten expectations for the experience after spending more money than expected.

The Foundry is located at the Fillmore Philadelphia in Fishtown. The Fillmore has a compelling and fitting history that lends itself to the time warp of celebrating music from the 70s. According to the Fillmore’s webpage, the first venue of its name opened in San Francisco in 1965 and was a focal point for music in the 60s and 70s. The original Fillmore hosted and helped launch careers of music legends such as The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Doors, Hot Tuna and many others. It seems fitting that 70s centric music would be hosted at the Fillmore here in Philly.

Overall, the experience was great and filled with dancing and love for the 70s, playing favorite ABBA hits and other disco classics like The Bee Gees and Cher. The night was a huge hit for any disco enthusiast or even someone who just likes to dance. Gimme Gimme Disco was a fun way to change an average Saturday night of going out into a more interesting dance party.