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Five fun things to do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday that people have either hated or loved. When you are single on Valentine’s Day, it can be a bit overwhelming to see all the love around you. Here are five things you can do in the month of February to keep yourself from going crazy and binging on chocolate and ice-cream:

  1. Have a nice night out at with your gals (or guys) and go see the much awaited movie “How to Be Single” starring the hilarious Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann. The movie is a romantic comedy about four women navigating their way through their love lives and discovering themselves in the process. Timing and locations near you can be found on or your local newspaper.
  2. Put that New Year’s Resolution of losing weight to use by going to the 6th Annual Valentine’s Day Single Fun Run Feb. 14 at 6 p.m. at the Philadelphia Runner (Center City Store) for a three mile run. You can enjoy drinks and food at the After Party at the Raven Lounge until 10 p.m. Who knows maybe you meet your soulmate there? For more info go to
  3. Party into the night by organizing a cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia, which departs from Penn’s Landing and will take you and your friends around for a gorgeous view of Philly from the Delaware River for two and half to three hours. Who needs relationships to have fun on Valentine’s Day? Not you. Enjoy the delicious buffet and dance all night to top hit songs of 2016 from the DJ. For more info go to
  4. For those that are 21 and over, Ruba Club’s event, Single’s Night (The Anti-Valentine’s Day), may be the perfect place for you to go to have a cabaret bar and a dance floor. Enjoy Valentine’s Day with friends partying and not having to deal with romance, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Enjoy the songs and celebrate being single. For more info go to
  5. While other couples may be Netflix and chilling, have your own Netflix and chill session with a night in with your friends to watch rom-com movies or catch up on a TV show you all love. It could be a potluck where everyone brings in something or tell everyone to bring an ingredient from Trader Joe’s (located on 2121 Market Street) [or your local grocery store with shorter lines – Editor] and cook a dinner together.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about spending time with your significant other, it’s about spending time with people you love, whether it be your mom, dad, sister or pets. Don’t let not having a boyfriend or girlfriend bring you down, make your day special with the people you love. Make it a great day!