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Drexel music student set to release debut album | The Triangle
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Drexel music student set to release debut album

Album Art from Col Chin

When first-year student Col Chin was given his uncle’s guitar for his 6th birthday, he “really didn’t like it.” In fact, it was not until a few years later that he finally started to enjoy music when he picked up the electric guitar for the first time. A decade later Col, under the name “-Col” (pronounced “from Col,” but this will be discussed later), is now on the verge of releasing his debut album. 

How did he get to this point? As Col continued to practice the electric guitar, he began performing live, playing his guitar in bars and small venues all before entering the fifth grade. According to Col, “Sometimes it was good. Sometimes it wasn’t so good.” He enjoyed performing, but at the same time realized that “just performing music wasn’t going to sustain a career.” However, this didn’t stop him from doing gig after gig for the next six years, doing everything from corporate events to a role on “Chicago Fire.”

All while Col was performing, he was honing his craft on the side. While in middle school, Col learned to sing and eventually how to create and produce his own music, realizing that he was “more interested in creating music…than performing.” So, going into Drexel, Col had his sights set on improving that aspect of his skillset. Since coming here, Col feels as though what he learned has “changed [his] perspective on how music can be made,” stating specifically that “learning about the technical side has helped [him] with the creative process.”

Col’s abilities, both before and since arriving at Drexel, are made abundantly clear in his music, which he began putting out this past fall. He released his first single, “No Evidence,” in late September, garnering thousands of streams across numerous platforms since then. He followed this up with three more singles over the next few months;  “I Love Lies,” “Pledge” and “The End”  all performed well, while showcasing Col’s versatility as an artist, with each song delving into multiple different genres. This run of loosies lasted until the end of December. While they were originally supposed to end up on the album, they will remain as singles as Col wants the record to consist of entirely new material.

The album, titled “Sorry For The Inconvenience, “takes inspiration from a valediction, the phrase at the end of a letter.” This idea goes back to Col’s stage name, pronounced “from Col,” which signifies something of a sign-off. All of this is supposed to represent the fact that to Col, “music is a gift,” a quote first said to him by a former English teacher. For Col, there are many ways to look at this phrase. In regards to the album, the songs are all about Col’s personal experiences, and things he “wouldn’t normally talk about,” with music being the “only way [he] can express” these experiences and emotions. From this perspective, music is a gift to Col, as it gives him a medium to be entirely honest with both himself and his listeners. These listeners could also view this album as a gift due to the lyrics that Col hopes are “something that people can relate to.”

The album contains nine songs total, encompassing a wide range of genres such as punk rock and R&B. Set to be released within the next few weeks; the record is his first release this year, as well as the first full-length project of his career. As for if he would pursue a career as a solo artist, Col’s current goal is to work in the industry as an audio engineer and possibly as a producer down the line. However, if the singles are any indication, then the album’s success seems almost inevitable, and it will be far from the last time the public will be hearing “from Col.”