Dragon Concert Series hosts Lil Uzi Vert at the Armory for WinterFest | The Triangle

Dragon Concert Series hosts Lil Uzi Vert at the Armory for WinterFest

Photo: Lexi Shannon, The Triangle
Photo: Lexi Shannon, The Triangle

On Jan. 27, Drexel’s Dragon Concert Series group put on the first ever WinterFest. The show took place in the Armory and sold out a few days before the show.

The set-up was pretty impressive: the stage was large and looked professional, with exciting strobes and lights. It made me feel as if I was in a real concert venue, which I thought helped make the show that much better.

Drexel student act Arno started  the night off strong with a high-energy set, getting the audience pumped up for the rest of the show. Next up was deep-house DJ Valentino Khan, who immediately had everyone dancing the night away. He was very interactive with the crowd and really knew how to hype everyone up to the fullest.

When his most well-known song “Deep Down Low” came on, the crowd dropped down to get low and then went crazy when the beat dropped. If you missed his set and you’re into electronic music, I definitely recommend catching his next show. He’s also pretty entertaining on Snapchat, and even friended me back!

After Valentino Khan was electronic DJ Mija. Amber Giles is the girl behind this act, and she showed up ready to impress as one of the few successful female electronic DJs in the industry. Her set was very versatile and she presented electronic styles from dubstep to trap to house. Overall, I really enjoyed her performance and the unique energy and styles that she brought to the table.

Once Mija finished, it was time for headlining act, Lil Uzi Vert, to take the stage. To everyone’s surprise, he sent some random rapper friend of his on stage first. I don’t remember his name, because I personally wasn’t very impressed by him. I wasn’t the only one, as everyone else seemed less hyped as well and were just waiting for Uzi to come on.

After about 20 minutes, he finally did and the level of energy in the crowd raced right back up to where it had been during the opening acts. I am not a huge fan of Uzi’s own music, but I do think that he is featured in a few good songs, which I was excited to see him perform. The main song I recognized out of his set other than those was “Money Longer,” which everyone was jamming to hardcore.

That and “Seven Million,” a track featuring Future on Uzi’s most recent album “The Perfect LUV Tape,” were my favorite performances, other than “Bad and Boujee” of course. When that song came on, I’m pretty sure everyone in the Armory felt a wave of rowdiness come across them as we all rapped along to the first couple of lines together. Although I wasn’t incredibly impressed by his rapping skills, Uzi’s set was very lively and I still enjoyed his set overall.

The WinterFest show was very well set up, and almost half of the Armory was filled. It was a successful event full of energy, and a great end to Drexel’s Homecoming week. I am excited to see what kind of artists will be playing at Spring Jam!