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Dillon Francis talks ‘Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’

I recently had the honor of hearing Dillon Francis talk about his upcoming role in “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.” For those of you who do not know who Francis is, he is one of the most compelling DJs in the music industry today, who recently released his much-awaited album “This Mixtape is Fire.” His carefree demeanor combined with his comical nature is very prevalent in his content on social media sites such as Snapchat and Twitter. If you want a good laugh, I suggest you follow him. Since Francis had some extra time on his hands, he decided to give this zombie role a shot and, lo and behold, we have “Dead Dillon.”

For someone like Francis who has multiple alter egos (DJ Hanzel and Becky, for example), he did not have much trouble getting into character for this role. “I was asked to DJ a high school party, so it was much like what I do everyday, except I turn into a zombie,” Francis noted. He went on to explain the tedious process of getting ready for the zombie shot. “I came into the studio at 11 p.m., was in makeup from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. and then we shot for an hour at 6 a.m. It took another hour to take all the makeup off so I got off set at 9 a.m.”

Since this was such a taxing process, you would think he would have been exhausted, but instead, Francis chose to focus on how “awesome” it was. It was also evident that he enjoyed his zombie look in the multiple Instagram posts and Snapchats he sent out. Francis was able to use some footage from the movie for his recently released music video, “All That.” When asked about the cast, he said, “These kids are hilarious, I had so much fun working with them. I actually got to hang out with Patrick Schwarzenegger, which was cool.” I guess he can now get free pizza from Blaze Pizza, a chain that Schwarzenegger opened last year.

Francis’ music is featured in “Scouts,” so if you have never heard his songs, you will when you go see this horror comedy when it is released Oct. 30.