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Dean Lewis makes waves at his latest concert | The Triangle
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Dean Lewis makes waves at his latest concert

Photo by Kasey Shamis | The Triangle

If you haven’t heard of Dean Lewis yet, you are missing out! On April 3, 2024, the renowned Australian pop singer-songwriter took the stage at the Wells Fargo Center as the opening act for AJR. With a captivating entrance at 7:18 p.m., he kicked off the concert by showcasing his guitar skills and diving straight into his iconic hit, “Waves,” setting the crowd alight with energy and excitement. He maintained this high note, following up with another crowd favorite, “Stay Awake.”

But it wasn’t just Lewis’s musical talent that stole the show; it was his genuine connection with his audience that truly set him apart. Before launching into another song called “7 Minutes,” he paused to share the personal story behind the song, recounting his experiences about two contrasting dates with the same person in London — the first one was great, the other not so much — that inspired the heartfelt lyrics.

The atmosphere reached a fever pitch during “Hurtless,” with fans singing along enthusiastically and showing their love for one of Lewis’s most beloved tracks.

Next, he performed a deeply personal song called “How Do I Say Goodbye,”  sharing that it holds a really special place in his heart as it was written after he lost his father. He told the audience how the song came to be while he was thinking about a trip his family took to LA and reflecting on “the way my mum and dad look at each other” during the writing process.  The crowd was hanging on to every word, feeling the raw emotion behind the song.

One of Lewis’s remarkable qualities is making true connections with his audience by sharing personal anecdotes and reflections about his songwriting. This ability of his invites the audience to relate and connect to his music on a deeper level. His next song, “Half a Man,” was about his past experiences of pushing girls away, resonating deeply with many in the crowd.

One highlight of the night was when Lewis surprised the crowd with a soulful cover of Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer,” prompting even those unfamiliar with his music to join in and sing along. It was a moment of pure joy and connection. Dean is one of those people who has a unique voice and exceptional musical tones, making his cover an absolute delight to the ears.

Continuing his set, Lewis performed another hit called  “Memories,” and shares the story of how he wrote this song after losing his relationship of 5 years. Many audience members joined in, singing along to the heartfelt lyrics.

Before wrapping up his act, Lewis shared the story behind his final song, “Be Alright,” revealing it was inspired after seeing a message on his ex-girlfriend’s phone. As he took up an electric guitar for this last performance, he charged up the audience, setting the stage for AJR’s performance.

Overall, despite being just the opener, Dean Lewis drew a big chunk of the crowd solely there to see him. In just 45 minutes, he left a lasting impact on an entire stadium, satisfying his existing fans and winning over many new ones. With his already strong fanbase, it’s clear that another tour from Dean Lewis is overdue, promising more memorable moments and increased stage time for his dedicated supporters.

You can check out his music here