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Creating During COVID: Screenwriting and Playwriting

The Triangle’s A&E section is introducing a new column highlighting creative students of varying majors and the work they have created during the pandemic. This form is open to all students (and graduated students). This week, Screenwriting and Playwriting majors have the spotlight.

Screenwriting and Playwriting majors depend on the live performance industry, and the nationwide shutdown has many recent grads panicking.

“My job prospects are gone for the time being,” said Liv Shoup, a recent Screenwriting and Playwriting graduate.

Despite the job scare, Shoup has still been creating scripts in her newfound free time.

“I’m currently working on a pilot, and I’ve been able to use the time to write some goofy stuff. I wrote three spec scripts for Cartoon Network’s ‘Sonic Boom’ just to warm myself up, and they’re genuinely some of the best work I’ve ever done,” Shoup stated in our form.

Chloe Tolderlund and Angel Chasco, senior Screenwriting and Playwriting majors, spent the past two terms in virtual classes. Both students miss the social stimulation of creating in-person and the productivity that came with living an active life.

However, Tolderlund participated in something new this summer.

“I was a volunteer playwright mentor for the Mantua Theatre project this summer (virtually) and helping kids 7-12 write 10 [minute] plays was very soothing for my soul. Despite being unable to get much of my own work done, it was nice to help the kids,” Tolderlund said.

Many local theater productions have tried to adapt to the current situation by offering similar ways to get involved with theater, such as creating virtual productions.

Overall, Screenwriting and Playwriting majors have found creating in this time to be a difficult adjusment, but many have been able to pursue passion projects. These students have been writing scripts on their own time or paying extra attention to turning in schoolwork they are especially proud of.