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Up-and-coming indie band blows fans away at Foundry | The Triangle
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Up-and-coming indie band blows fans away at Foundry

Photo: Andy Gorel
Photo: Andy Gorel

American indie rock band Colony House came through the Foundry on the first of the month for their “Only the Lonely” tour. The band recently released their second studio album in January through RCA Records, and it did not fail to impress.

Colony House is most well-known for their hit song “Silhouettes,” which appeared as the lead single on their debut album, “When I Was Younger.” This song generated a great deal of radio airplay and made its way onto the iTunes top alt-rock chart, allowing the band to make a name for themselves. The “Only the Lonely” tour is their first headlining tour, making stops all around the nation.

When I first discovered that Colony House would be in Philadelphia, I knew I had to attend. I was a huge fan of their first album and an even bigger fan of “Only the Lonely.” I had also heard from friends that the band puts on a notable show live, so I knew I had to find out for myself. Simply put, they exceeded my expectations completely, blowing me away with their set.

The demographic at the show consisted of many young adults and older teens dressed casually to fit the indie rock vibes. The Foundry was almost fully packed to capacity with an eager crowd.

When it was time for Colony House to hit the stage, they started the night off strong, performing “Cannot Do This Alone,” the first track off of the new album. They brought an incredible innate energy to the stage that flooded the room and didn’t seem to leave throughout the night.

After performing a few other tracks off of the new album in order, including “1234” and “Was It Me,” they mixed up the set and took on one of the most popular tracks: “You & I.” This performance was probably one of my favorites of the night, as lead singer Caleb Chapman took it upon himself to really connect with the audience while delivering the lyrics.

They continued to deliver enigmatic performances of songs on the album, and it finally came time to slow it down when performing “This Beautiful Life.” The band broke down into a raw and emotionally-rich sound that had the whole crowd swaying back and forth mesmerized. The song after that, “Lonely,” was similar in the sense that they emphasized the lyrical element to the song with the dynamics that the song exemplifies.  

Toward the end of the set, they performed “Silhouettes” and had everyone on their feet rocking out and singing along. After that, Chapman took to the mic to tell the audience that they weren’t going to pull the “normal encore BS” and simply remained on stage to perform their last tune, “You Know It.” This song is their most popular song off of “Only the Lonely,” and they absolutely belted it out as a whole, ending the set on a breathtaking note.

Overall, I was very impressed by the whole band’s stage presence, and the rest of the crowd seemed to be as well. Everyone was hyped when Chapman and drummer Will Chapman announced that they were brothers. They were able to connect and communicate with the audience very well throughout the night and even paused once to sign a fan’s hat.

They delivered every performance to their fullest potential. The light effects and background images were very entertaining and kept the audience on their feet, especially the one that read “Philadelphia” during the last few songs. I feel that these two factors added together brought an exhilarating ambiance that made everyone dance and sing along, showing that they were having a good time throughout the entire performance.

In my opinion, this is just the beginning for Colony House; I believe that they have a great journey full of success ahead of them.

Photo: Andy Gorel
Photo: Andy Gorel