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BØRNS opening for MisterWives at Union Transfer Feb. 26

With nearly 10 million plays on Spotify, Garrett Borns (better known by his stylized stage name, BØRNS), gears up to open a sold out show February 26th. BØRNS, now living in Los Angeles, California, will be opening for MisterWives, an indie pop group, at Union Transfer. “I’m stoked,” he says in regards to playing with MisterWives. “They’re rad and really great musicians too.” Though MisterWives will be the main attraction, there is no doubt that Garrett Borns will be stealing the show.

You would think that with millions of plays on Spotify, BØRNS would be preparing for his headlining tour. However, with only a small 4-song catalog having been released, BØRNS is comfortable with opening until his debut album is released in the future.  “The album is very much in the works,” he says. “Candy”, the psychedelic pop filled EP, features the artist’s soft, angelic voice. The EP is hard to describe; the colorful sounds and fiery melodies don’t exactly sound like any popular musician.  BØRNS, when asked to compare his style to something similar, had no discernable answer. “I don’t know… which is nice. Everyone kind of has their own idea of how to understand music, and knowing that means comparing it to something else. I guess I haven’t heard a ton of comparisons.”

“Candy” opens with “Electric Love,” BØRNS’ most renowned song. This psychedelic love-ballad grabs the listener with a funky guitar riff. Though much of the song is about an “electric bottled up emotion that you get from a lover,” BØRNS says he wants the meaning of song to be “left up to the listener.” The song peaks in the chorus when BØRNS exclaims: Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle: I can’t let you go now that I’ve got it. This lyric is the key charm to the song, as its repetition easily gets stuck in a listener’s head. Pop diva Taylor Swift even called the song an “instant classic” on Instagram.

Recently, BØRNS stripped down his electric song and recorded an acoustic version with Zella Day, a psychedelic female sensation. This otherwise explosive song feels a lot more intimate than the original, as the music video features BØRNS and Day singing to each other in a car. BØRNS says that this intimate moment isn’t the only one he hopes to share, as “there will be more intimate moments on the album. In the live show, there’s a possibility for intimate crooning.” With a voice like Garrett’s, it shouldn’t be hard to croon a crowd.

This Thursday at Union Transfer at 8pm the stage is set for Garrett Borns to wow an audience with his playful music style. Already winning the heart of Taylor Swift, along with millions of Spotify listeners, BØRNS hopes to win the crowd with new music, along with his already released instant classics. So why is BØRNS a must-see this Thursday? BØRNS says that “If you’re feeling the vibes, come to the show; if you’re in the mood for some groovy jams.”