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Benson Boone: Diver, Artist, and Rollerblader takes on the Fillmore | The Triangle
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Benson Boone: Diver, Artist, and Rollerblader takes on the Fillmore

Photo by Kasey Shamis | The Triangle

From auditioning for American Idol to dropping out and gaining popularity on TikTok in 2021, Benson Boone is now headlining and selling out venues on his freshly released Fireworks and Rollerblades World Tour all across the United States. 

Fans formed long lines at the gates of The Fillmore and waited for the doors to open. Meanwhile, a recognizable voice could be heard from inside the venue as gasps and giggles erupted at the front of the lines. As the throng of teenage girls, some with their significant others, their mothers and an occasional father all filed in, they were all building up excitement to watch Benson Boone perform right before their eyes. 

English singer and songwriter Mimi Webb opened for Boone on the warm evening of April 14. Riling fans up before singing her hit Red Flags, she invited the audience to raise bandanas, scrunchies, and anything red and swing it round and round. Webb also gained popularity in October of 2021 when she released her debut EP, “Seven Shades of Heartbreak” which made it onto the UK Albums Chart at number nine, with her hit song “Good Without” reaching number eight. 

As the lights dimmed and Boone walked out on stage, the audience did not seem prepared to hear someone who sounded exactly like they do on Spotify. It was amazing! 

A box placed between the stage and barricade served its purpose early during the show. As Boone jumped down in between the gap during his second song, he reached into the audience, holding fans’ hands and singing to them, which he did a few more times throughout his show. A proven multitasker, Boone simultaneously sang and did backflips on the stage in a set of denim pants, a white tank, a denim jacket, and a pair of brown satellite stompers, also known as Adidas Sambas. 

Boone, sang his top hits, “Beautiful Things,” “Slow it Down,” “In The Stars,” and “Cry,” before inviting fans to sing his new unreleased song, “Pretty Slowly,” with him. Pointing at the crowd, he sang, “When I look at you,” before pointing towards himself, “When you look at me. Oh, there’s still two lovers, so who the hell are we?” Quickly catching on, the audience fell into Boone’s rhythm. Following his hit, “In The Stars,” Boone invited a couple on stage, dedicating his song, “Love of Mine,” to them before one lowered to his knee and proposed, prompting a silent celebration from Boone who raised his hands excitedly. 

Throughout the night, Boone collected numerous friendship bracelets and sunglasses from the crowd. Laughing, he told the audience that he was tempted to but would not attempt to perform a song with a British accent, one that he usually jokingly speaks with his mother at home. 

Categorized as a pop singer, Boone’s music also fits into the rock genre with his emphatic, passionate, and heartfelt voice and lyrics. In his music, he’s expressed his admiration for and inspiration from artists like Billy Joel, Adele, and Queen

Between songs, Boone’s humor engaged the audience in a series of jokes, at one point, even performing an Irish jig, and tearing the sleeves off of his denim jacket. His set was nothing short of authentic, extraordinary, and jaw-dropping.