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“Attack on Titan” Season 4 Part 1 Review

“Attack on Titan” is undoubtedly one of the most famous animes, garnering favor even among non-anime watchers. As the show began to gear for its final season, viewers wondered how the eight-year saga of titan-slashing would leave its legacy.

Our story begins years into the future on enemy soil of Paradis Island. Young recruits train as “Warriors” for their nation, appearing eerily similar to the Scout Regiment of season one. The main cast, now adults, grapple with the consequences of their actions when Eren Jaeger launches a surprise attack on Marley. The attack results in hundreds of deaths, as Eren and the Regiment narrowly escape with their lives. The premise of season 4 revolves around the new Eren Jaeger: political figurehead, weapon of destruction, and no longer the bright-eyed teenager he once was. Alongside his half-brother Zeke and former soldier Yelena, Eren phases in a new plan: ending the titan race entirely. As the Paradis government attempts to quash Eren’s revolt, they are met with the uncomfortable realization that Eren is much larger than he seems. The season closes as Marleyans and Eldian fight together and against each other, blurring the lines between friends and foe.

In every season, life beyond the walls expands. However, this season birthed the most shocking revelation. The storytelling of season 4 is masterful, seamlessly weaving past and present. As is the theme of “Attack on Titan,” every life has a larger significance, especially as the show prepares for its end. What is most shocking is Eren Jaeger, who in one season transforms into the show’s most formidable enemy yet. Unlike previous battles, fighting is no longer a human versus titan conflict, rather human versus human. Eren becomes untouchable not because of his titan form but because of his cult following, also known as Jaegerists.

The “Attack on Titan” universe began with the lives of three children, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, now divided in values. However, the cycle continues in Warrior recruits Gabi and Falco, as children are once again pushed to the frontlines. With every season, more questions are answered and more are posed. In preparation for part two, we ask ourselves: what is the difference between Marleyan and Eldian? Is there an end in sight? Was there reason behind the lives lost? “Attack on Titan” has arguably released one of its most brilliant seasons yet, leaving nothing to do but to wait for the second half.