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An Evening with Antoni Porowski

Drexel University virtually connected with Netflix’s Queer Eye star, Antoni Porowski on Tuesday, September 29. 


Students were able to watch Antoni’s at-home cooking demonstration on how to create the perfect scrambled egg on a live Zoom call. He showed his audience how to make this very student-friendly recipe, which is great for those with a busy schedule. 


Antoni highlighted some of his favorite tips and tricks for creating creamy scrambled eggs. He explained that adding a splash of water to your eggs before whisking them is a common technique used in France to help give the eggs a creamy consistency. To avoid the eggs getting burnt or too crispy, take the eggs off the heat a bit before you think they are done. He also mentioned that cooks should wait until the very end to add salt and pepper. Another easy way to add some flavor to a dish is to add chives and bagel seasoning, which can be found at your local grocery store. 


After the cooking segment, students had the opportunity to ask Antoni some questions. 


One student asked, “What was your favorite restaurant in Philly when you filmed Queer Eye and did you enjoy Philly?” 


Antoni replied, “ Loved Philly first of all, and my number one favorite restaurant is Zahav.” 


Another question was, “Which three people dead or alive would you invite to dinner and what would you make them?”


He answered, “Oscar Wilde, Johnny Cash and James Baldwin.” Porowski then went on to describe the personalized dishes he would create for each of his idols. 


For the rest of the call, Antoni answered questions and discussed some of his incredible stories from filming Queer Eye. For the most recent season, he said one of his favorite moments was when Rahannah received her brand new van for her mobile dog grooming business, “Stylish Pooch.”


The Zoom call was a great way to accomplish a more personal connection with a celebrity guest during the pandemic. Porowski was incredibly sweet and kind, it was really fun for students to spend an evening with him. For fans of Queer Eye, this was a great experience. 


Porowski concluded the webinar by saying thank you, encouraging everyone to go vote and to remember to wear their masks. 


Be sure to check out Queer Eye’s most recent season which took place in Philadelphia; you can even see them drive past Drexel’s Recreation center in one of the episodes.