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ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ continues to entertain after 23 seasons

ABC’s “The Bachelor” has done it again. After 23 seasons you’d think they would have lost viewership, but the fandom only seems to be growing stronger.

Colton Underwood was one of the most controversial picks in “The Bachelor” history. Drama from a former flame followed him throughout Becca’s season on “The Bachelorette.” But, when they finally reconnected on “Bachelor in Paradise,” Underwood left his former flame to burn out. Not to mention, this former San Diego Charger is the show’s first ever virgin.

The virgin joke had been run to the ground through ad campaigns before the season even started. And as for the women who greeted Underwood out of the limo with a virgin joke of their own, I can guarantee they will not make it out of the mansion.

I had very low expectations going into this season. As I do every year, I mustered I’d give it a chance, but figured my Monday nights would be free the rest of the term. Oh boy, was I wrong.

So far, Underwood is my favorite bachelor I have watched. It is almost like he is listening to me when I am screaming through the screen. He has yet to make a move I have not agreed with. (Other then sending Alex Blumberg home of course — I am partial to people named Alex.)

Underwood has been extremely open and honest during his confessionals about his legitimate opinions about the girls. Usually bachelors and bachelorettes tack on a smile and tell the producers how appealing they think each and every candidate is, but Underwood is not worried about offending anyone. He even went so far as to send the sloth home the first night! The person in the animal costume never gets sent home the first night because people are too wimpy.

His approach is refreshing. I was starting to get frustrated with the show’s angles, but Underwood is taking this season in a new direction. If you have never watched “The Bachelor” before, this is the season to start.

Underwood has also done a really good job of picking the right ladies. Two weeks in, he has already weeded out the joke contestants — a rarity. He gave the most recent group date rose to Elyse Dehlbom, a down-to-earth Alaskan. She would have been overlooked by any previous Bachelor because she is the ripe-old age of 31.

He is calm, cool and collected. He doesn’t flinch when contestants ask him why he is a virgin. Instead, he always gives the most genuine answer possible, which makes you want to reach into the television and give him a hug. But, that’s not saying much, considering he is a hunk-and-a-half.

The villians to watch are Catherine Agro and Demi Burnett. Agro will be the villain in the mansion, but Burnett will last long after. Think a gold-digging Paulette from “Legally Blonde,” and you’ve got Agro. Burnett on the other hand, is a 23-year-old sex fiend that is way too immature to be having any.

Otherwise, there are quite a few women that show promise of being Underwood’s future wife. ABC did a great job of casting this season. It seems for once, they focused more on personality than they have previously, and it is paying off.

For now, I am genuinely invested in Underwood’s love story. Over the five hours of the season so far, they have won me over spectacularly — as they would anyone who tunes in next Monday night at 8 p.m. At the very least, they have been teasing the fact that Underwood is the first ever bachelor to literally run away from filming and escape. I am sure the entirety of the United States would like to watch that unfold.