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Mario Fashion Week

Mario the Magnificent. We all know him, we all love him. We’ve passed the statue on the corner of 33rd and Market hundreds of times. But let’s be honest — he’s not exactly known for his wardrobe. Our iconic blue and yellow does not pay him any favors. While Mario has a handful of outfits, such as his very own basketball uniform, it’s time for a revamp.

 (Picture Credit: @drexelathletics Instagram Jan. 11, 2021)

Let’s take a look at this year’s Fashion Week and see how some of the highlights would best suit our mascot. It’s no easy feat to dress an icon of this status — or with this wingspan.

 (Ludwig Bonnet-Java)

Dior’s all-blue ensemble would certainly exemplify the school spirit necessary for Mario’s day-to-day activities, but something tells me adding wing holes would be frowned upon. This jacket also doesn’t look very mobile. 6/10


This Second Look from Hermes’ Fall 2020 Menswear collection by Veronique Nichanian seems perfect for Mario’s day-to-day look, versatile for wear both for visiting food trucks for a bite to eat and catching a game at the DAC. A neutral color is always easy to pair with. Once again, wings might be a problem. 8/10

Once again, a navy ensemble would work well for Mario. This Bode pantsuit, photographed from the Fall 2020 Menswear show by Filippo Fior, features lettering. Perhaps Drexel could customize it for, say, “1891?” The colored scarf is a nice touch. 9/10

For a more formal ‘fit, this sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2020 Menswear collection, photographed by Joel Griffith courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren, seems both comfortable and classy. Paired with a patterned tie, this combo would have Mario turning heads! 9/10

(Image courtesy of Nike)

When it comes to footwear, our fantastical friend can’t have just any kicks — it’s going to take a special kind of shoe to fit the clawed toes of our scaly friend. The Nike Dunk Low Cactus Jack x Playstation have gentle hues, but branded with fun. 8/10

(Image courtesy of Supreme)

The Supreme x Nike 90s-inspired collaboration of the Fall 2020 collection features a design mimicking flames — the perfect shoe for a dragon! Never underestimate the fury of a dragon stuck waiting for the shuttle. You might just catch a couple of flames yourself. 9/10