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Amy Schumer exceeds expectations with stand up routine

Most of us know Amy Schumer from her debut movie “Trainwreck,” a huge success in the box office. If you pay attention to comedy at all, you would also know that she has come a long way since then as an actress and comedian, hosting her own shows on Comedy Central. When one of my friends saw a GroupOn offer for discounted tickets to her show at the Wells Fargo Center, we snapped them up within the minute. I wasn’t sure what kind of shenanigans Schumer was going to pull during this show. All I knew was that I would probably be cracking up the whole time.

Schumer came out on stage sipping on some fine wine. While the audience cheered, she started bowing sarcastically. She introduced herself and claimed that over the past year she became “very rich, famous and humble,” and made a few jokes about Philadelphia, mentioning how much she respected how tough the people are here. She also joked about how the city has some of the “toughest guys that will still go and get their eyebrows waxed.”

Schumer didn’t fail to acknowledge our phenomenal cheesesteaks and claimed that she was a fan of Pat’s. She then took it back and joked that she liked Geno’s too and that it didn’t really matter because she will eat anything.

After talking about food, she brought up the topic of Hollywood critics calling her overweight and how it caused her to slim down a bit for “Trainwreck.” She joked that dieting was her “Holocaust,” clarifying that she was Jewish, and stating she will never do it again.

Most of her comedy consisted of amusing sexual jokes and ridiculous stories surrounding her and current boyfriend, Ben Hanisch. It was entertaining, to say the least. Throughout the show she would take sips of her wine bottle and crack jokes about her raunchy sex life, her experience hanging out and performing at Hillary Clinton’s birthday party and her fantasies about actor Bradley Cooper. Her charisma while revealing these erotic and entertaining stories made it hard not to laugh until you could barely breathe.

Towards the end of her set, she brought up the issue of gun violence and how she was absolutely devastated to hear about the shooting that took place during a screening of “Trainwreck.” She talked about how easy it is to purchase guns, noting that even a blind person was able to obtain one. Even as an actress and comedian, Schumer has no problem standing up for what she truly believes in, which I respect on a whole other level. She is such a wholesome and genuine person, and I feel that this is why she is able to connect with people so well, which shows during her performances.

If you have a chance to ever see Amy Schumer live, I highly recommend it. I thought it was by far the best comedy act I’ve ever witnessed.