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New restaurant Herban Quality Eats hosts charity dinner for opening

Herban Quality Eats is one of the newest and trendiest restaurants to emerge on the Philadelphia food scene. Located at 3601 Market Street, Herban offers a healthy and affordable array of foods for those who live in University City and beyond.
The restaurant is owned by two alumni from the University of Pennsylvania, Amir Fardshisheh and Kalefe Wright, and their chef, Chris Paul, is a graduate of Drexel University. Neither of the owners are originally from the Philadelphia area– Fardshisheh hails from Toronto and Wright from Southern Florida– but both agreed that Philadelphia would be the best place to open their restaurant, as it fits well into city’s notable range of unique dining options.
They began their business as a food delivery service for the residents of University City and the local center city area, but the young entrepreneurs transformed their business into a bustling restaurant this past December. According to their website, Herban’s mission is to make nutritious and delicious food “in a place where passion, motivation and learning all cross paths.” They pride themselves on providing their customers with vitamin-rich meals made from all-natural ingredients.
Herban was once open only from from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., but the restaurant kicked off its new dinner service on Tuesday with a Pay-What-You-Want dinner. Customers were able to experience the unique and delicious flavors of Herban Quality Eats for whatever money they had in their pockets, and for a very good cause: all proceeds went to benefit the Morton McMicheal School, a kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school in University City, otherwise funded by the eternally-beleaguered Philadelphia School District. Since the elementary school is very local, Fardshisheh and Wright decided to use their kick-off event to help the school during this budget crisis.
Word of the event spread quickly, drawing in large crowds of people throughout the night. Although lunch has always been a busy time for the restaurant, it appears as though dinnertime will be from now on as well.