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Worst Things That Happen While Traveling

1. Early morning flights
This should be illegal. Nobody should have to wake up at 3 a.m. Might as well stay up the whole night.

2. Having water during TSA
Going all the way through security, only to get stopped because you wanted to stay hydrated.

3. Your favorite shop being closed
I just wanted coffee, what do you mean the Starbucks will not open till later? This goes back to those unethical early morning flights.

4. Gate changes
I went all the way to one side of the terminal, now I have to go to the other side? This is too much exercise.

5. Delays
Enough said.

6. Long waits to board
I am too impatient to stand in line. I just want to get on the plane.

7. Middle seats
Being stuck in the middle of two strangers on a flying tin can? I am good, thanks.

8. Crying babies
Do we all pray that when we see a baby at the terminal, they are not on our flight? Or is it just me?

9. Airplane food
It’s edibleā€¦I guess.

10. Lack of content
You thought you downloaded enough content? You were wrong.

11. Rocky landings
Landings are worse than takeoff, I said what I said.

12. Long deboarding time
As much as I wanted to get on the plane, I want to get off it so much more.