Top 5 Red Flags in Guys | The Triangle

Top 5 Red Flags in Guys

1. If he asks to Facetime on AOL.

Does this still exist?

2. If he forces you to share one of your dreams, then he deciphers why they occur

Why did you psychoanalyze me? This isn’t a therapy session.

3. When he asks you to pay first at the coffee shop, but then pays for his drink with a 2-for-1 coupon.

Was this date just a way for you to get free coffee?

4. If he stays at the location of your date and doesn’t tell you why until you find out from a friend that he was waiting for his mom to pick him up.

Dude, I could have just given you a ride home.

5. If 6 months after you end things, he asks why you ended things because he didn’t think anything he did was wrong.

Just go on Reddit and do an “Am I the asshole” post.