Summertime sadness is a reality | The Triangle

Summertime sadness is a reality

Greetings, Drexel summer students! Welcome to yet another summer of our lives that consists of failed expectations. For instance, STAR students: are you regretting your choice of spending your last free summer on campus yet? While some of us are enjoying our research because we are passionate about the topics we chose to indulge in, many are wishing they could be in Puerto Rico or just lazing around at home, because they expected their research to be life-altering while instead it’s feeling like scut work. We also thought we’d be making a ton of friends but instead are sitting alone binge-watching tv, rethinking our decision to live in a college dorm with bad lighting instead of our childhood rooms at home. As for the students taking summer classes: is being here in the heat while all your friends from different colleges live the time of their lives the final tipping point of transferring out of Drexel? I’m sure a three-hour nap would be hitting compared to walking to lab while simultaneously studying for the MCAT. I can’t even say what’s worse about that walk: the fact that Philly has been having rain like the sky is falling (we may as well be Chicken Little with how shocked we get every time it downpours) or the fact that it’s basically 95 degrees daily and our hair can never be tame (at this point, we just look like we belong in the jungle). And now for everyone else: hot girl summer has been postponed to next summer again, hasn’t it? And so has reaching our bench press goal. But it’s ok, let’s look at the positive side now, shall we! STAR and summer students, only about half a term is left before coming back to the campus that you can never seem to get out of, and the rest of you, you have more than a month to perfect the manifestation of your sneaky link coming back to you during the school year because your summer fling ghosted you right before summer started. What a summer full of sunshine and smiles, right?!!!