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Sam Levinson’s fantasy flops | The Triangle

Sam Levinson’s fantasy flops

This past June, a new HBO show called The Idol premiereda sleazy series where Sam Levinson and The Weeknd get to act out their most explicit sexual fantasies. The show stars infamous nepo-baby, Lily Rose Depp, as an aspiring pop star, Jocelyn, who begins a relationship with Tedros, a cult leader – but don’t worry, that is why Jocelyn is attracted to him. 

The show originally started out as commentary on how the industry exploits women, but The Weeknd signed on and thought that the show was too focused on the “female perspective.” Is the Weeknd‘s masculinity so fragile that he can’t handle a project focused on women? This led to Euphoria creator, Sam Levinson, being hired as the director. 

Sam Levinson must have confused the show with a smoking commercial because Lily Rose Depp is never seen without a cigarette in her hand. There is no easier way to show someone is an angsty troubled artist than having them smoke 24/7. I’m honestly surprised she was able to get through all those dance numbers because there was no way her lungs weren’t dying from all the cigarettes.  

It’s also pretty evident that Sam Levinson has a vendetta against intimacy coordinators because the first episode featured an intimacy coordinator being locked into a closet because he raised concerns about a photoshoot Jocelyn was doing. What is worse is that they had Jocelyn speak against him, as some sort of “female choice” agenda. Are you kidding me? There is no way that Sam Levinson’s vendetta didn’t stem from something that happened on the Euphoria set considering how often Sydney Sweeney was naked on that show. Side note: Sam Levinson must have some serious mommy issues because the actresses he chooses to always be naked look exactly like his mom. 

While Sam Levinson’s writing killed the show, The Weeknd’s acting buried it in the ground. This project was supposed to be his big break into acting, but if you told me that Lily Rose Depp was acting opposite of a wooden pole, I would believe you. Can we please stop casting singers in TV shows and movies? 

But somehow, the ending is the worst part of the show. Remember how I said that the show was originally going to be done with a female gaze? Well, the show thought it would be a good idea to reveal that Jocelyn was the villain all along. Meaning Tedros was the victim, and Jocelyn was manipulating him the entire time. A show that was originally about the exploitation of female artists in the industry ends with the women being in control the entire time. I have no words.  

At this point, the only thing I have to say is that Lily Rose Depp needs to go to therapy.