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Missed Connections and Drexel Confessions

Illustration by Eva Shnaiden


“Happy Pride Month to every girl i’ve kissed in the basement of a frat”

“drexelaffirmations fell off” 

“Last Halloween, my friend and I drunkenly pissed in the bushes behind the Korman Center. Outlaw life.”

“I hate James S.”

“Mario the Dragon is the hottest student athlete on campus, no cap.”

“sofia m is so beautiful. i get super flustered around her, when we’re w mutual friends. im not sure how to approach the situation w/o looking weird, cause idk if she’s into girls lol.”

“I stole an iMac from westphals it storage”

“Sigh. Been in love with my best friend for 3 yrs now.” 

“Michael I love you more than words can describe. I’m so lucky to know you.”

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