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End to freshman year

Hello fellow freshmen,

Has Drexel convinced you to turn your 5-year program into 4 years? Don’t worry, if it hasn’t yet, it will soon enough.

We all came in as overachievers, thinking we would be studying on the weekends and only go out on Fridays to socialize. I personally had a rule that I wouldn’t go out on Thursdays. The rule was officially broken as of yesterday. 

A good amount of us also learned how fast our bank accounts can be drained from 2 a.m. Domino’s orders and bribing bouncers. Huh, what, who said that?

Speaking of good times, have any of you actually explored the city yet? Because my friends and I have been saying we should go out on Saturday mornings since welcome week, but a handful of us end up waking up at 3 p.m. because of an… eventful… Friday night. I bet you’re wishing your Friday nights were momentous because the person you’re into finally came over; but honey, you’ve got to accept at some point that they’re just not that into you. Yikes. You were actually just drowning your sorrows at that time. This is when we tell ourselves we are in our unattainable era and will study until the end of the year. Then we run the Thursday night business back.

Did I get just about everything about your first year? Live, laugh, love college.